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  1. Donkeys love to eat just 'bout anything. Or maybe I'm thinking about that goat...
  2. Angry man's thread > Soccer forum
  3. Mind-shattering flute play...I gather we're talking Scots, aye?
  4. The law of gravity is nonsense. No such law exists. If I believe I float, and you believe I float, then it happens.
  5. Why does an image of Lieutenant Gruber spring to mind when looking at that sweet little tank?
  6. But the next 'gold' version of the sim will have that function, just as 2.328 has now, yes?
  7. You only shipping to the States? Not Europe?
  8. Question: Will the update be an update for the latest non-beta version of the sim, must I install the beta, or will the update in fact be a whole new download of the sim?
  9. Can't see how they'd make it work. First, no nekkid wimmin, okay, that's feasible. Then, no pretty wimmin. Weeell...eye of the beholder'n'all that, I just don't think you can legislate 'sex' out of the public domain. Not sure I think it's VITAL either, as long as we can amuse ourselves with images of death and destruction. It's really odd when you think of it; Hot wimmin = BAD! Hot lead tearing people apart = still bad, but not THAT bad. Humans, pfffff.
  10. Oh it's a real tank allright. A Soviet WW2 light tank, to be precise. :biggrin:
  11. But then again, those who keep goats in the back yard never have to worry about the grass. And while it is more humane to merely ask the gophers to vacate the premises, at the end of the day you will often need more than just words.
  12. Yes, I can see how partnership and close relations with Russia is SO much more tempting than getting some western backing. You convinced me. But I must say, for all your fervour, you don't troll very well.
  13. HEEEYYY! STOP THAT! There you go, outcry.
  14. First off, congrats on your minis, they are ACE. I have painted larger scale models that were much worse in terms of molding and attention to detail (FOW minis, for instance). You've bought A-grade. Second, if you're new to tabletop wargaming, I'd suggest Cold War Commander. If you're a veteran, and you'd like a game that lets you focus on decisionmaking instead of looking up stuff in charts all the time...I'd still recommend Cold War Commander! :biggrin: http://www.blitzkrieg-commander.com/Default.aspx The official GHQ rules are also good. I just like the BKC/CWC sets better. Let us know what you decide for, and show us some piccies of them tanks, aye?
  15. Well worth the look for the WW1 stuff alone. So it's made for an American audience...no biggie. Just substitute the ballsy M1 talk with "generic Western tank", and leave room for the fact that the newest Russki developments aren't even mentioned, and you're sorted.
  16. re. RougeSnake79: I guess it's just the whole sadictically-killing-completely-innocent-defenceless being-for-own-pleasure-and-excitement that's getting to people. Now I am actually fairly dispassionate about the whole deal; the deed is done, and whatever punishment he's due he'll get, no matter what people say on this board. Because that's all we do here - we say stuff. Pretty harmless. That guy sadistically killed a living being. In that light, your call for some people to get 'some perspective' seems a tad odd.
  17. I always get a kick out of being called "liberal" by someone who uses it as profianity.
  18. Do you feel better now? But yes, I guess a first-hand experience of said places WOULD possibly teach me what happens when the camera isn't on.
  19. One wonders what the glorious liberators might then be up to when the camera isn't on.... Stuff like this makes me question if we're really better than the other guys, or just stronger.
  20. Interesting. Wonder if the 2-week estimate was based on a realistic assesment of Soviet capabilities...
  21. I just might stop by your site, Cutter. I don't know if I can set aside the time to fully engage in a VU (flew in a virtual air unit a year ago, but had to stop due to real life), but it might be nice to know a bunch of nice lads with which to take 65 tonnes of angry armor for a stroll every now and again.
  22. Thing is, France would probably have gone nuclear on their own before invading Soviets had crossed Germany - to keep the mushroom clouds on foreign soil (and not just any foreign soil...).
  23. Sorry for being unclear, I meant the Leo 2A5DK.
  24. All battle-winning master plans win...on paper. However, I would think that all bets are off once the nukes start flying. Would the French just sit on their hands (and nukes) during this onslaught? Would the Soviets ever have been able to pull off a surprise assault of that scale, without bringing the full weight of NATO strategic retribution upon themselves? I see too many questions and pitfalls in the whole scenario for me to trust the Soviet timeframe, or even the basic premise, that "this would work". Basically, noone could say for sure what would happen after the first nuke. Stratic nuke or tac nuke, doesn't really matter, IF the Soviets wanted to hit important airports and the like we're talking evaporation of several major population centres throughout Europe. From day one, that is! If that's the STARTING point of the conflict, why bother wading in with tanks and troops afterwards, one might ask. Sure, WAPA tanks might have been able to reach the channel coast within a certain timeframe, but if all they would have had behind them was a nuclear hazard zone all the way back to Siberia, I think the whole win/loose discussion would be rather moot. Nobody wins in global thermo-nuclear war (I can recommend the game, though).
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