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  1. Yeah, this might be a good thing to mention if people are having issues. The license update page kept hanging for me in chrome. Worked a charm in Firefox.
  2. Has an in-game skin browser/switcher been suggested? Probably, but a look didn't turn up anything, so, well, I don't know what.
  3. Bartleby


    I had no idea this was current. I thought the PSO skin in the download section was a Berlin Brigade one. Interesting. Nice work!
  4. I think some of the SS symbols are covered under that, but I'm neither an expert on German law nor WWII insignia, so eh. I think a Leo with a Zimmerit effect would be cool.
  5. Would there be any problems with the "use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations" law? I have no idea how it applies to the internet or the hosting situation of the site.
  6. Have spent shell ejection ports been omitted from modern designs, then, because of combustible casings?
  7. I have to agree with most above. Aiming with a mouse just doesn't work for me. It's way too hard to get a steady track on a target. Any decent joystick will make things vastly more enjoyable. I have an X-52 that works well enough, but it's a bit looser than I'd prefer. It has a bunch of buttons, but 90% of the time you only bother with a few.
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