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  1. your best friend's passenger seat > brokeback tankers? 2B
  2. said one gerbil to the other, over coffee > dirka dirka dirka 2B
  3. but only if it brought me fame > of which, too much would be a shame...
  4. Green Kidney > and ham 2B
  5. better get the doc to up your meds > oh great, I'm seeing double
  6. better get your medicine > better get the doc to up your meds
  7. shut up and keep washing!!! >'Show'd like a rebel's whore
  8. come in! > and wipe your feet
  9. embiggen > "Hitch that team up Jebediah Springfield, whip them horses, let them wagons roll. That a people might embiggen America, that a man might embiggen his soul. his soul, his soul, ..., ..."
  10. the jumpy ones > green light, GO GO GO!!!
  11. and get drunk > may they never meet!!
  12. provided booze and/or babes awaited at destination < bad combo for a married man
  13. now get out > and shut the door as you leave
  14. OK..I got a zeroed weapon and a full magazine...now what? > be wery wery quiet, I'm hunting wabbits...
  15. which can't be too comfortable > boom headshot...
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