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  1. so which one? I have 4.268. the only way to buy pre-order is to have 4.1 license? So, 4.2 isn't allowed? because I have purchased the full version years ago. $175.00 plus upgrades, so nothing for us 4.2 guys? or is 4.1, actually 4.2? or are we doing core math here? I don't know core math, I only know real world math and not this coremath crap.
  2. I fixed it, had to reinstall the whole sim. thanks, I own the lifetime license.
  3. Codemeter no longer recognized. I open it up, nothing in it.
  4. yea I have the same issue but just don't use, reticles as much properly. I also have yellow reticles instead of the green or red? The yellow makes it extremely hard to see the numbers and lines.
  5. incorrect, the driver has octopus arms.
  6. well, its not avast; something is causing the game to start fast one time, then other times it takes up to 5 min to start from launch.
  7. ok all is good double restart and I have AVAST passive working again.
  8. Steel beast is working when I turn off AVAST. never had to do this before.
  9. ok, I think I know what it is, and not sure why AVAST is still blocking the codemeter and steelbeast. after the latest update for AVAST today. trying to get avast to work with it now. some reason the passive mode isn't working any longer.
  10. tried to message you but you're not accepting messages. I emailed sales this is the only email i could find.
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