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  1. yes and for some reason when you place all the files in correctly manually it wont work, neither re-setting the path..
  2. I can tell you after 4 times I ts not making the packages folder I had to edit or make that folder to get it to work. Cant tell ya why, thats why its a machine..
  3. ok now everything is working, some reason the installer their using isnt making the packages folder in the programdata folder, you have to add that part in it. or they make a new installer that makes that folder for us non-laymen.
  4. That's the thing; everything is in its right folders, and just wont work. going to try it now.
  5. I give up...tried every senario to put the folders right and for some reason this installation map pathing default when installing isn't doing it right.
  6. ok, fixed the display issue, to point to the map packages , you only have to go to maps. now none of the missions or maps will run. now all maps ask for UID? all these maps in here ask for UID now. Instant action no longer working, nor training.. so frustrating......nor the individual equipment... i.e. M1A1, M1A2...ect.. should the terrain, height, themes be in packages?
  7. This is all I get when the game starts now,
  8. well that didn't work, now what? I have no main menu any longer. I point to the path and the game crashes. crash log. SBProPE64cm.exe.4040.zip
  9. what about these folders? are they correct I don't think so.
  10. Windows 10 1903 latest update. this is what in there. posted earlier, this is where it installed the maps
  11. yes tried the arrow up and down and it didn't work.
  12. I tried that and it would not go back to the sight at all. Alt+mousewheel , and R. Also how do I get the commanders .50 cal to move up and down? it moves left right with the mouse but no up and down.
  13. These are the areas some of the maps working from, and not working from. I pick 73 easting in single it wont work, but if I pick from here it works?
  14. this scenario is working but the trucks go backwards, and the M1025 .50 cal is broken after it reloads while I'm in the gunner sight it will not go back to the sight.
  15. I have the same issue with this Scenario!
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