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  1. yea I have the same issue but just don't use, reticles as much properly. I also have yellow reticles instead of the green or red? The yellow makes it extremely hard to see the numbers and lines.
  2. incorrect, the driver has octopus arms.
  3. well, its not avast; something is causing the game to start fast one time, then other times it takes up to 5 min to start from launch.
  4. ok all is good double restart and I have AVAST passive working again.
  5. Steel beast is working when I turn off AVAST. never had to do this before.
  6. ok, I think I know what it is, and not sure why AVAST is still blocking the codemeter and steelbeast. after the latest update for AVAST today. trying to get avast to work with it now. some reason the passive mode isn't working any longer.
  7. tried to message you but you're not accepting messages. I emailed sales this is the only email i could find.
  8. before it died I sent a request through the codemeter license request.
  9. yes close this one. it seems after 14 years this codemeter is now dead.
  10. my codemeter is dead. just died when I placed it into another usb. had this thing for 14 years.
  11. states locked? also the container for the game license states empty?
  12. it seems all of my license have disappeared. I paid for full owner back in 2009, and the last license update for 4.1 was 6/28/19, now the code meter shows no licenses yes up to date with 7.20 no not in between update as far as AVAST which was today.
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