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  1. look at all those toys!!! Can't wait to play with them!
  2. I only use the game to blow stuff up. and I know exactly how long it takes. I was a youtuber until someone like you came along and ruined my enjoyment of showing off what I like to play, my way and not yours..
  3. then he should of known better to lash out. there's a difference in prepared 1 week time; to put out content with someone that sits at home all day doing youtube videos; opposed to someone that works 40 hour weeks. then come home and only has a hot minute to download and put together a live stream showing off the new stuff, I surely didn't need a very complicated attack and sequence of a heavy map usage maneuver youtube video. like some of these guys videos they put out for steel beast, I think they spend way to much time in the map.. and not showing off the terrain and vehicles. takes to long in scenarios. that's why the low numbers for this sim. all these guys youtube videos are high number counts but very long tedious map fest videos. I stopped watching rotangs I think it is he spends way to much time in maps and not to much game play. Mirzayev 395 subscribers last video 2 months ago; so I guess if he was serious youtuber it takes him at least 2 months to make a video. Where as me, it was a hobbie gone sour on guys like this.
  4. apparently some of these guys don't see it as a game or toy.. lol. they are very serious keyboard warriors in here. lol,
  5. lol, some one should have a youtube channel; you got this much time on your hands to critic or should I say keyboard warrior time, do it better yourself...
  6. Apocalypse 31 was just jealous Matt, dont worry about it, and Ssanke was more than happy you showed it, he more than likely was in here just pointing out a patch wasn't applied. it's those kinds of comments that made me quit showing youtube videos and such. not only that but youtubes algorithm changes.
  7. No, no no we got our purchase orders emails, we didn't get a promotional Email.
  8. Don't worry to much, I purchased the upgrade bundle, as I want those goodies, and the other guys are cheap, they chose the $25.00 updates. I don't' understand some of these guys, I don't drink, so I always have extra cash for my gaming habit. I rather be sober and game than drunk and complain these games are to expensive.
  9. Mmm hey Ssanke alot of my partners stated they didn't see an email about the pre-orders for 4.1... mater of fact I didn't get one either... I just happen to check today being friday and all.
  10. Well what do expect, just like you they have people to pay.. It is customary to pay for services when rendered? no?
  11. ah, my system will not have a problem using this sim.
  12. I'm pretty sure people who buy you're game know this... I mean come on, were not playing War Thunder here. you sound so cynical.
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