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  1. 14 hours ago, Jartsev said:

    I cannot reproduce this issue; if I'm double-tapping an  ammo selection key at TC's position, AI loader would change chambered round. And this would never work at M1's GNR position, unless  AI TC is disabled by whatever reason.

    ok I'm not in the TC position I'm in the gunner position trying to get the loader to change it out?


    When the TC changes the ammo type mid target, I already have a AP round and TC yells out for Heat while Im in Gunner? Then what?

  2. M1a1, and M1a2 not possible as the manual states otherwise. I have even tried rename the keys numpad1,2,3,4 i.e. and still will not change rounds out, I have to fire them first waste a round then reload the round I want.

  3. so which one?


    I have 4.268. 


    the only way to buy pre-order is to have 4.1 license? So, 4.2 isn't allowed? because I have purchased the full version years ago. $175.00 plus upgrades, so nothing for us 4.2 guys? or is 4.1, actually 4.2? or are we doing core math here?

    I don't know core math, I only know real world math and not this coremath crap.



  4. 1 minute ago, Sean said:

    Ok, this is great news.  Your codemeter stick is ok, and the licenses are there.

    What is the exact error when you start steel beasts?

    ok, I think I know what it is, and not sure why AVAST is still blocking the codemeter and steelbeast. after the latest update for AVAST today.

    trying to get avast to work with it now. some reason the passive mode isn't working any longer.

  5. 1 minute ago, Sean said:

    Can you post a screenshot? 

    ssnake email: Please contact me only via email (my user name here @ my avatar picture .com) 

    screen shot is up one. Im an 


    1 minute ago, Sean said:

    Click on the entry on the top, the one that says <no name>.  What does that show?


  6. Just now, Ssnake said:

    ...which would explain why SB Pro PE no longer started from Steam.

    Anyway, please contact me by email. if you tried all the different USB ports on your machine and you can't get the stick to respond, we're going to arrange for a replacement.

    before it died I sent a request through the codemeter license request.

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