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  1. No, no no we got our purchase orders emails, we didn't get a promotional Email.
  2. Don't worry to much, I purchased the upgrade bundle, as I want those goodies, and the other guys are cheap, they chose the $25.00 updates. I don't' understand some of these guys, I don't drink, so I always have extra cash for my gaming habit. I rather be sober and game than drunk and complain these games are to expensive.
  3. Mmm hey Ssanke alot of my partners stated they didn't see an email about the pre-orders for 4.1... mater of fact I didn't get one either... I just happen to check today being friday and all.
  4. Well what do expect, just like you they have people to pay.. It is customary to pay for services when rendered? no?
  5. ah, my system will not have a problem using this sim.
  6. I'm pretty sure people who buy you're game know this... I mean come on, were not playing War Thunder here. you sound so cynical.
  7. maintain a steady frame rate of 90 fps or higher, or people will suffer from headaches. Not True, I get solid 90fps from my rig on a lot of games, and with ASW off , it doesn't hender my FPS at all; it may slow to 31 fps which still chugs along without any issues. the new Valve Index also supports 144hrz, which alot of people get motion sickness from., don't move around like you do in first person shooters, or people will suffer from motion sickness. and not true; causes those people with sensitive inner ear problems. 90% of users don't suffer any of these. The new Valve Index plays up to 144hrz.
  8. I hit the spacebar nothing happens. and yes I'm talking about the ANTI Tank teams from the UNIMOGS, and Marders.
  9. I can get into the soldiers tow view and the reticle. but I can not get it to fire.
  10. this Joystick will not work with the game/ sim.
  11. I know it not a pressing issue as you're 1 or 2, old school computer players out there holding out from buying a new rig or upgrade from their old commodore 64, tandy machines.
  12. When the commander calls for a specific round i.e Heat and the tube is already loaded with a Sabot, I press the reload shift-DEL for the heat; when I press to have the loader reload a different round (M1A2SEP ) it will not reload it to the called out round and I have to clear the tube by firing off a round wasting it. is this a bug or not working for the M1A2SEP.
  13. Snake, are you guys using the Vulken API?
  14. I guess thats why youre called a villain.
  15. So in essence, 3 years none to late...Right at the edge of the black hole. Can't wait to see some videos..???
  16. so in 2 weeks riiiiieeeeeghttttt?
  17. ok, it was the track ir toggle keys, so I changed them to my Flight sim profile and works thanks for your help..
  18. when we leave the commander position, we can not get back into the position..We are stuck using the gunner, or observe F8.. Leopard I tank.
  19. it states full installer does this mean I need to uninstall the 4006?
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