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  1. your California sales taxes is not correct. its at 7.5% and it seems to be charging %10, this is not correct California sales taxes.
  2. I think Matt "Wags" Wagner can take some well constructive criticism, on how to handle customer service from you sir. You are what all "Devs" should aspire to; on handling of customer relations. I salute you! ~
  3. Al I know is I wish, 777 Studios followed your same business model because such a small community we need to keep this kind of simming alive..
  4. Most post that are like this is because, "We are getting older and not younger!"
  5. ok if so why only get 2x magnification I thought the sep had 3x?
  6. Ok but how do I use it in the range? as It is no longer in the vehicle list like it was before.
  7. I was away for awhile do to win10 install and losing my stuff, reinstalled up 3.28 hotfix, If I remember right wasn't there a M1A2SEP in our list?
  8. make sure our smooth is turned up; this helps with head shaking; if your as old and shaky as me.:luxhello:
  9. yes ok in order for mission to run I have to load it as an offline session? I didn't do it that way before.
  10. Area Reconnaissance at Neustadt am R├╝benberge 1989 v1.4 (3.023)
  11. reinstall worked and this time I made sure that the CM reinstall repaired. which if you do not close i.e applications it will not install correctly resulting in a win8.1 crash and win8.1 repair issue. I got it working thanks for my panic help.
  12. ok I have full rights as admin. I upgraded to 8.1 was working with win764bit, was working with new build 8.1 today no longer works I paid over $200 dollars for this game and upgrades why do I have to jump through the hopes and security BS to play this game I got it to work but win8.1 crashed when I tried to update the CM stick. I came back after a win8.1 repair. from this stupid CM stick BS the log reports this CM 5.20b was not compatible. now I got the game to start and there is no vehicles. no this is not a time based CM stick as I have purchased the full license for Steel beast pro pe. sorry if I seem short but why? CM bust stick operation. obviously it doesn't like something in 8.1 64 bit. seem to be getting some where, it wont let me change the dongle password, so I have no idea how to get that. but the CM stick states its working correctly. Steel Beast is working but no vehicles. my license state all active and up to date All licenses are activated. Product Name Status SB Pro PE 3.0, add 1 license Activated
  13. ti worked a couple of days ago and then nothing today. also the CM stick says my password isn't working. got damn 8.1
  14. well it say the beta is running until the end of the year.. So why wouldn't you? multiplayer community on Windows 7-64 is invited to participate in this test, which will end on December 31st, 2014.
  15. Yes very good test, I'm in California and Gibson in AS. was very smooth...
  16. tried it tonight very smooth, is there any way to control mouse inputs interface to slow down more? I'm all over the place with a high resolution mouse.
  17. wow just 12 more and we'll make history.. I just want the Throttle controller. !:
  18. updated the op to be more clear on what this is I'm asking for.. all ready have 60 votes
  19. Mas Drop Saitek X-55 Rhino H.O.T.A.S. System for PC this sight is a mass rice drop created by people voting for 200 units this company cuts out the middle man and buys direct from the factory. at 42% off. vote for this help bring it down to an affordable price. its kind of like Kick Starter for price drops. you have to register at that sight. it legitimate. https://www.massdrop.com/vote/saitek-x55-rhino-hotas-system-for-pc
  20. trying to get out side action form various units and toys.. lol but the F8 is not working.
  21. ah ok; I have to hold the space bar down longer than I was, what's up with that? :drink:
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