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  1. I spool up the TOWs but nada...
  2. fixed works great. now how come the TOWs don't fire M2a2s?
  3. yea I know I was rounding to the highest...:debile2::smilelove-1:
  4. yep I sure would like to fire that 15mm
  5. lol alt tab or windows key out and then left click on the icon in the task bar and it works now. but I have to do that every time now.
  6. Hi guys for some reason the mouse goes all the way to the left and I can not move it.
  7. thanks snake got it to work by turning off malwarebytes and AVAST. and Spybots search and destroy.
  8. and yes the firm ware is updated the flash and java are not working.
  9. for some reason I can not update the dongle through chrome or I.E it stated flash or java must be enabled and it is. I just gotten an java and flash update right before I bought this. 3.0
  10. No, no , spin doctors my whole savings account! But thats ok i just replenished it with over time, I'm good! By the way a Road Glide custom black denim 2013! Bad ass!
  11. well I just spent my money I was saving for this, on a new Harley Davidson! So I'm guessing a release date next month, when I have the money back in the saving account hoping to buy it.. :eek2:
  12. don't know what happen, but your news letter never made it to me also, and I'm signed up. :drink: cheers for the news though. oh did you change your system it tells me I'm temporarily not on the list?
  13. Instant mission M1a1, I don't know how to switch the hydraulics off. I do switch gunner to TC and then the TC starts circle. and this occurred after this patch 2.654
  14. Well here I go again when the TC takes me and moves my sight picture the mouse goes out of control and I get into a spining mode and have to quite the game. Rat7 mouse.
  15. MG Ssnake ya'll do something in this patch with the M1A1? I'm not missing any more and the view for the GPU is much sharper. Thank you Esims. can't wait for the shader plugin.
  16. found the problem AVAST is blocking it now. Wow how do I unblock this?
  17. Also the codemeter Control Center state no codemater license information available. ther eis no CMStick or CMAct License found. I have pluged it in and the folder is emty on the cmstik.
  18. I turned on my computer this morning to do some tank tables and now I get a runtime error from SB pro state runtime is not installed and I look at the code meter the license has disappeared?
  19. I have the 2.483 version I'm trying to update to 2.640. I have downloaded all updates and upgrades and installed inorder and can not get the sim to run.
  20. http://www.steelbeasts.com/upgrade-release-2-538-posted-along-with-release-notes-a46.html
  21. is there any full download of the newest version so I dont have this problem of updates from 2483? I down loaded all of them (upgrades and updates)and still can't get a clean working install.
  22. Im tring to upgrade my other computer with the latest and getting download errors from your link to 538 upgrade. http://www.steelbeasts.com/updates/SBProPE2_538.part01.exe comes up as prt02. from the main page for soem reason I linked from this page nows its prt01? how this happen?
  23. guess those new motorcycle models are going to come in handy now. CNN news report Pakastani motorcycle convoy attacks NATO convoy.
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