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  1. Im having the same issue there is nothing on the USB Codemeter. Never mind the windows 7 64 bit upgrade tool showed me the way what a neat tool.
  2. I'm still lurking in the shadows..
  3. looks like the men of War game engine..
  4. Turn off Advanced AI in your catylist settings. or Go Nvidia.
  5. I had that same issue I had to micrimanage the task force. But lost only 1 M2.
  6. I still have my original FT. Irwin NTC map. I especially have fond memories of CHOD area as me and my team chased a bdrm through the dessert from Peanut to the pass just right of CHOD and they set up on us as we went in .. We were in light armor Hummers. We followed in, we had; an other team set up on the back side of the pass, when we saw a puff of white smoke our driver lunged our vehicle hard left into a wadi we dismounted and went after the bdrm team and got into a fire fight. Eventually the white hat told us we were dead when we came in from the rpg shot the Lt. of the opfor team, asked wtf we were doing chasing him with out the, forgot the name of the laser receivers for the laser tag thing's? lol; oh well, I really enjoyed the training there.
  7. I love 5 times and 5 thumbs up!:debile2:
  8. Wolfseven

    New sounds

    thanks bro put to good use.
  9. Wolfseven

    Team Speak

    you need to update your team speak3 to the latest version for your server.. :luxhello: And I guess you can take down your TS2 from the main web page as it doesnt work?
  10. I see that theres a mouse;"MouseZoomScrollV4" If this is possible? Why isn't trk ir NP possible?
  11. I work Friday-nights but I was on with Gopher and he got me set up so everything is working..
  12. theres a crewable T90 on ARRMA II...:debile2:
  13. Why wasn't I aware of this tank sim before. I had tank Platoon II and could never get it to work on Win xp, so I had to hang up my tanker boots.. But ever since Pole cat, told me about this site; I ordered steel Beasts Pro PE right away. I'm very impressed at the same depth of this sim as Tank Platoon II was. I still have Tank Platoon II wish I could get it to work.. But this version is way better and more up dated.. Thanks eSims :luxhello::clap::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  14. With my set up I'm getting 62.405 FPS all Graphics on high.
  15. I ordered it on monday and recieved it on wednesday.. 2 days USPS.:biggrin:
  16. cant wait to get started just ordered steal beast 2 pe sb pro.. My wife is going to kill me when she gets the bill. lol
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