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  1. Dutch training area Oirschot

    Version 2.1


    More or less Final version (I believe more adding doesn't improve the look a like) Terrain map look a like of Oirschot (more or less ZW corner of the map) compared to other training area's the Dutch area's are pretty small if even still in use Oirschot is the only "real MBT training area" in use there seems to be one other totally in the North of the Netherlands but this looks not practical to reach for the Dutch tank units (distance a few hundred km's ?) and doesn't have the old Veluwe look (Veluwe is now a national park !) It includes better looking Dutch Heath themes and more terrain then previous versions also added a *.sce file with some dutch armour already in place and some enemy fortifications to start and a jpeg to find the training area on the map more quickly as it's so small Have fun guys !!