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  1. Mustafa, you are smart, can you learn helicopter?
  2. It's about funding, do we make a driver's station or do we use better graphics to train the commander and gunner? That's the main reason we don't see many full-crew simulators. If you had an unlimited budget, why even use a simulator? Just use that cash to pay for fuel and ammunition.
  3. I know Damian90, you are correct, I was just "soap-boxing" to be honest. But like TJay said, they could have put the effort into adapting a newer turbine, not a diesel. Just saying. I stand by my point though about the motivation not being entirely about making a better Tank, but changing the Tank to make a buck. This is 100% my opinion though, so there's no need to beat it up, and you are right that the facts are facts and the diesel is more than likely coming. And BTW you sound like you work in Lima, OH -
  4. Over 30 years in use and people still hate on the turbine. Instead of trying to stick a diesel engine in the Tank they should have been working on modernizing the turbine. Make it smaller and more fuel efficient. I'm with you 100% Red6. To me this whole "dieselation" is about contract money and corruption. Don't get me started on the M2A1 (caliber .50) charging cable!
  5. Can you map them as regular keys? That's what I would try. Or remap the regular keyboard to meet your needs. This is what I do on my laptop for other games.
  6. What used to say STAFF now says CAN, just FYI. EDIT: On the M1A1 Ammo Select Switch.
  7. So my buddy that runs my clan's website wrote some comments after I told him this discussion was going on here. Here are his responses: Tapatalk makes viewing the forums much easier. It will make your serious and casual forum users more active. Everyone has a smart phone now and Tapatalk provides a very clean and user friendly browser. This has helped forum activity on our forums for sure. 1. tapatalk costs money for the full client. $2 - $4Tapatalk costs $2.99 for the iPhone. This is a one time fee and they are good about providing updates and trying to implement new features based off of input from their customers I've never used the free client, in my opinion the free client is pointless. I think that your userbase would probably feel the same and be willing to pay the few bucks for an ad free app and ability to post. This app is also great for admins. It has moderation capabilities as well. The paid client does not have any adds on the client side. Neither the free or paid app will add any ads to your website. If there are ads on the free client I would think they are at the startup of the client side. This pop up only shows up one time assuming you do not clear your cookies after each visit. This pop up is not really an ad. It is to notify mobile users that they can view the forums on the tapatalk client instead of using safari or whatever mobile browser they may have. It is way easier to navigate the forums with this app vs scrolling and zooming the full site on a mobile browser. Our website has many mods installed. Tapatalk has not had any affect on any other mods. Zero conflicts. The only thing you change with anything on the website is add a line of code in a specific template on the website. You dont have any product to upload. There is no way of being able to tell tapatalk is even installed other than the notification pop up the first time you view the site ( this pop up will ONLY show up if you are on a mobile device.) I know this feeling, but I have never had any issues with this mod for the most part. When i say this i mean we have had one time where there was a slight malfunction. When Vbulletin had a major update the tapatalk client was not ready for it and it stopped showing unread posts on the client. This was fixed within a couple days with a quick update. The installation process is very easy. All you have to do is download the zip file for Tapatalk. You unzip it and it will have a folder named mobique. Upload the whole folder the root of your forum directory ex: example.com/forums/mobique Once you have the files uploaded you have to go to a template(make sure you use your parent style so that the change takes effect on all styles) and add a line of code. You have to register your website on the tapatalk website. Then you're all done. Anyway, Chaz asked that i give an admins perspective about this mod so I wrote him a post. I tried to register for the forums, but i think I am still in the moderation waiting list. Hopefully this will help yall make a final decision. If you have any questions feel free to have chaz relay the message or post it in this thread and I'll read it. here is the vbulletin.org link for the mod. This is a good starting point to get everything installed and it has screenshots and a nice tutorial. Do not rely on this thread for updates tho. Tapatalk will email you anytime there is an update and they will provide you a direct download link for the update. Just unzip it and upload/overwrite the files in the mobique folder and then you are good to go. http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=232437 As an admin i use this app every day. It's very handy.
  8. We use Tapatalk in our website too. I use a Droid3 and I love the app. I did pay for the client though. The only add is when you fire up the app, but none while browsing forums. My buddy manages the site and he likes the plugin. I don't know how these things work but he likes it. For me the forums look a lot better in Tapatalk than through the browser in my phone. This part is a little annoying though: When you go to the website using the mobile browser it pops a window telling you the forums use Tapatalk and then wants to send you to the Android Market to download it, even though I already have it. Overall I love the app though. Hope this input helps. EDIT: lol just noticed this was one of downers lol sorry. Anyway, if you set up a poll I'm for using it. But then again I'm mainly a lurker.
  9. Hi, Looked all over forums but could not find a process for upgrading the secondary lisence in the dongle. I'd like to know how to do it before I upgrade. Before bugging Ssnake by e-mail I figured I'd bug the community first. So, is there a clear cut process or not yet? What I've found searching the forums is you e-mail Ssnake and it's $5, but do I need to send him some files or anything else? Or do I just e-mail him and say, "I want to upgrade my secondary lisence, where do I send the $5?" Thanks guys!
  10. I run dual HD 5770's in CrossFireX and haven't had an issue. Maybe you just got a bad card. Consider RMA'ing. Sorry for asking, but do you have the latest drivers from the AMD website? If it plays games fine we know it's not cooling or power. Good luck!
  11. This is a video of my crew and I at the job. Sorry, no music and no editing, just some Tankers having fun. http://files.filefront.com/Fun+Shoot+2007wmv/;8812064;/fileinfo.html
  12. Aqui en los EEUU estamos en estos momentos evolucionando. Me van a disculpar pero hay palabras que no me se en Español y mucho menos en Español de España, pero a ver como les explico. El cambio que estamos haciendo en el ejercito es romper las barreras entre la infanteria y los acorazados, o sea "Armor", y cambiar a "Combined Arms Teams" o sea equipos de armas combinadas o algo asi. Asi me imagino seria mas similar a como trabajan ustedes. Incluso nuestros oficiales ya no van a cursos de Infanteria o Acorazados, sino que a cursos de armas combinadas. Para nosotros los NCO's (sargentos y cosas asi, son sub-officales no?) a los promeros niveles no cambia mucho, pero si los sub-officiales de mayor rango van tambien a cursos de armas combinadas. Por ejemple, el curso para ser Primer Sargento, o Sargento Mayor, o incluse Sargento de Peloton, han cambiado para incluir mas aspectos para trabajar no solo con infanteria, mas con aeronaves, artilleria, y fuerzas especiales. La guerra contra el terrorismo ha sido la que ha impulsado todos estos cambios. Incluso nosotros, antes de irnos a Iraq recibimos 3 meses de entrenamiento de infanteria. Lo que demuestra que nosotros los de Tankes somos mejores que todos, ya que sabemos operar el Tanke y andar en la tierra como cualquiera Pero en serio, operabamos con 2 Tankes y 2 HMMWVs en el Peloton, y cambiabamos todos los dias, o sea que un dia M1A1, un dia HMMWV, y los dias en HMMWV eran dias a pie. Que libro!!!
  13. No sabia que en España se llamaba Infanteria Acorazada. Siendo Commandante de un M1 no se como se aguantan los mienbros de los Tankes Españoles que les digan infanteria. Me da risa ya que en los Estados Unidos odiamos que nos comparen a esos que caminan, o a esos que andan en esos Tankes bebes como los Brads y cosas asi. Prefiero el M1 porque es con el que trabajo, nunca he jugado con el Leo. Salud!
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