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  1. thanks...but I ose win8 and i dont see follow directory “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\eSim

    Games\Steel Beasts”.

    only "c:\Documents\esimgames\steel beast\ and then follow directory:





    my scenarios




    Try this directory "C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps"

  2. Never seen a M60 gunner sight but I read the M1 sights are directly based on the Patton gunsight. Can someone confirm this and provide pics of the M60 gunner sights please?


    M60A3 is equipped with AN/VSG-2 thermal periscope. You can see the gunner sight in attached images.

    M60A1 doesn't have thermal periscope and LRF. The TC have M17A1 coincidence image instrument to calculate the range and it is connected with ballistics computer. The gunner is equipped with M32E1 day periscope but i don't have any pictures.





  3. Guys... stop poking fun at him. It's clearly a photoshopped image, and slightly blasphemic I might add.

    Tanks can't drive over water. They would sink.

    Not a photoshopped image. There is a cement path that joins the 2 dirty roads and some times the water raises to much over that path during rain periods. The steel beams on left and right side marks the path.

  4. Hi All

    Just been frigging around in SB on me new Laptop.

    (Runs fine on 64 bit windows 7.)

    The TC Peri cover for the Leopardo 2E seems to appear under the Peri's TIS Clock. Also there appears to be a circular view like the gunsights, when the cover is down.

    (see screenshots)

    The view with the shield down is through that hole as you can see in attached pic. When the TC use the PERI shield the PERI is locked to a fix position to avoid damaging. The circular view if i remeber correct is normal and the reason is that TC watching a GPS extension and not the normal view.



  5. Yes tried that (to the point where TS was showing the volume in red and warning about distortion). :)

    I guess what would be ideal (from my point of view) would be an option in TS to automatically reduce any other application's volume if TS was activated (either transmit or receive).

    Just like radio traffic overides the internal comms in RL. :)

    There is a plugin in TS doing that job the "Volume Control" but it works only in windows7. You can activate it through settings.

  6. Started to make new mission using part of the Hannover map, but now faced another problem: after I close map once or played scenario and exit from it, it shows blank field if I choose "replay" or choose this scenario from the main menu

    I was having the same problem with a scenario. But after restarting the game, problem solved.

  7. Something like that... how did you get it blue? Is it use of the R G and B layers or what? And only stuff that is on Alpha1 layer gets shown? And it's shown as it appears in the RGB layer? Am I close?

    To paint it you have to use RGB channels. To specify the area that you will see in game you have to use Alpha channel. You can manipulate the alpha channel to delete some area that you don't wont to see or to change the opacity but you can not move the shape and make big changes because the alpha channel is mapped in the model.

  8. Hello!

    Trying to figure out decals and how they work. In my example I am trying to achieve Finnish roundels on the T-55 sides. I got them in the right place, but for some reason I cannot get them to be the right colour (white & blue)...

    I got photoshop 9, any advice appreciated!

    Something like this?





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