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  1. The Spanish Leopardo2e is based on Leopard2A6EX.
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    Great work Captain!
  3. First override gunner with PERI and then switch to GPSE. It works then.
  4. That option has removed in this version? To be honest i don't remeber it with 2.552 but with previous versions it was enabled.
  5. Great work!! :thumbup:
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    You will find all the answers here: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=8462
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    Routes problem

    Ok. Thanks for your attention. I'll do it next time.
  8. silenxg

    Routes problem

    Last night we have the same problem with 2 different hosts. We thought that the problem was that the scenario made with old version of SB.. The host update the senario with new version but still experience the same problems.
  9. silenxg

    Routes problem

    I was the host and was only 2 players. I have 2 Mbps upload and 24Mbps download and i did not see "Network overloaded" during the session.
  10. silenxg

    Routes problem

    I have made a H2H mission with the new version. The host have no problems in game but the clients when they plot a route the vehicle starts moving but if client jump to other unit the vehicle stop moving till you go back to the specific unit. And some times clients they don't have map update. Here is the scenario. H2H Search and Destroy.rar
  11. Sometimes when i move the mouse up and down the sight follow the mouse movement with some delay and not smooth. But again this happen only in that map (Maybe the problem is the big depth of the map?)
  12. [ATTACH]9350[/ATTACH] test.rar
  13. I was doing a check to the distance that you can see with the thermal imager so i put 2 tanks in 5.6 km in plain terrain and i noticed that when i try to move the gun slowly up and down the movement isn't smooth and it has gaps. That happens only with vertical axis in thermal imager in a plain terrain, with other maps i haven't that problem. I test it with 3 diferent pc's.
  14. Any information about multiplayer session? Are we gonna be able to rejoin even if we dropped in the middle of scenario?
  15. Daskal made the splash screen not me.. But if you know how, you can make one with the screenshot from M1A2
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    Once again excellent job!
  17. It's from FM 3-20.12 Tank Gunnery. I found this pic from a forum long time ago.
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