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  1. I would love to do the German Leo2a5 but with the current model it can not be done with accurate on the details. For example the front hull and the side baskets of the turret. The only thing i can do with the current template is the color scheme of the cammo and some details in the back of hull and turret. But with the Leopardo2E template i can make a high quality skin for Leopard2A6EX like the picture below. The only thing i need are some good quality pictures, if someone can provide to me. Today i have made and a new track that will be included with the file of the skin, here is a screen shot. [ATTACH]8876[/ATTACH]
  2. This is a new high resolution 2048x2048 template for Leopard2A5 based on the default. Half of the template was made by Tacbat, who trusted his work to me. Very kind from his behalf. (Thank you Tacbat :drink:) Here is a first look.. [ATTACH]8862[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8863[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8864[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8865[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8866[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8867[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8868[/ATTACH] I need 1-2 days to finish some details and it will be ready for upload. I hope you all enjoy it. Cheers.
  3. It may not be a threat to the tank, but for vehicles and personnel to follow. As I said this is all hypothetical, you never know how you will react at that time. Military history has many examples.
  4. My opinion is that if the tank crew who survived an attack and trying to disembark from the tank and find cover to continue the fight and if there is no greater threat in the area then you have no choice but to get involved until there is no risk to your crew and your tank. It is not necessary to kill them but you can capture them if conditions allow this reaction. If I were the tank crew which was hit by the enemy, then my first reaction would be to protect the crew, surrender to the enemy is not the first choice and if the conditions and resources permit a reaction then i will engage with the enemy. This kind of reaction makes me automatically a threat to the opponent. All this is hypothetical, there are too many factors (morale, character, fatigue etc.) which may affect how to respond to actual conditions and depend on which side are looking at.
  5. Skin has updated with the new template.
  6. silenxg

    T-62 break

    Nice work! :thumbup:
  7. The .psd file is very big and it has ~484 layers. I will make a smaller with the basic layers for upload. Cheers.
  8. I have update the skin with the new template. [ATTACH]8811[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8812[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8813[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8814[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8815[/ATTACH] I hope you all enjoy it because it's my first attempt to make a template. Ιf something is not right and needs correction please tell me. http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/312/p13_fileid/2000
  9. Soon with a new high resolution (2048x2048) template for leopard2a6. here is a taste from the template... [ATTACH]8803[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8804[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8805[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8806[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8807[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8808[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8809[/ATTACH]
  10. Marder1a3 with Greek camo based on this picture (its the only 1 i found over internet). [ATTACH]8789[/ATTACH] The result is this.. [ATTACH]8790[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8791[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8792[/ATTACH] For the record Greek army dosn't have Marder1a3 the offer was rejected. Download link http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/298/p13_fileid/2001
  11. Version 1.0


    Marder1a3 with Greek camo pattern.
  12. Skin ready for download http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/312/p13_fileid/2000
  13. Version 3.0


    Based on Leopard2A7 camo from eurosatory 2010 with high resolution 2048x2048 template. New roof texture and track included.
  14. Yes roof texture included.
  15. Based on Leopard2A7 camo from eurosatory 2010. The template is Leopardo2e from Dejawolf. [ATTACH]8784[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8785[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8786[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8787[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8788[/ATTACH]
  16. Skin uploaded to download section. http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/312/p13_fileid/1999 [ATTACH]8782[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8783[/ATTACH]
  17. Version 3.0


    Greek Leopard2HEL skin with 2048x2048 high resolution template. New roof texture and track included.
  18. New skin for the Greek Leopard2 HEL. I used Leopardo2E template from Dejawolf. The camo pattern and colors are similar with real ones. Need some dirt and its ready for upload. [ATTACH]8775[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8777[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8778[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8779[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8780[/ATTACH]
  19. Skin uploaded to download section. http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/277/p13_fileid/1879
  20. Version 1.1


    Updated Greek Leopard2A4 skin. (Blank Decals + turret roof included)
  21. I update the skin for the Greek Leo2A4. I used Leopard2A4 template from Dejawolf. The camo pattern are similar with earlier version made by Dtra and me. The colours are as close as they can be with the real ones. [ATTACH]8045[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8046[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8047[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8048[/ATTACH]
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