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  1. Since we will never be able to get a dynamic campaign a la m1 tank platoon ii or Steel Armor, I wish we could, at least, get something like Panzer Elite type of campaigns. You know, with upgrading the crew, the tank, refuel, repair. Stuff like that. Edit: And Dx11/12 or Vulkan. I want to crank those graphics to the max! Haha
  2. I'm enjoying the new sounds(maybe it is new? I don't remember, haven't played SB for a while) for the tank guns. The closets tank sounds way more powerful than the one that is further from you. I love it! I especially like the attention to detail in regards to sound delay.
  3. Oh, hey!! We have the same CPU gen! Mine is an i7 960 3.2GHz.
  4. The lighting is amazing, after getting killed by a rocket, I decided to look at the events... Maybe now, we can get a helicopter sim as well, using the same engine, on the same executable with an Integrated Battle Spac...ermm System! Especially because of how great the trees + terrain looks now. Would be awesome having a large map, with a "dynamic" campaign-esque where both sides fight each other in multiplayer. Kinda like, some of the servers you find in DCS.
  5. Thanks for the replies and clarifying a few things! Downloaded the map files, installed them and now I'm just waiting for the 4.1 license and the release of simulator itself
  6. Fascinating. And how one, such as us, players would go to obtain a LIDAR of a place, is it too expensive? In regards to roads, would OpenStreet Map be out of the question? I assume, an integration like that would help you guys and us, the players, with a more accurate map, including... prettier curves! haha On that note, that feature of softening road edges is most welcome! Giving us the choice to use or not use such a feature is always the best choice! Thanks for the explanation!!
  7. 4.5 or 4.8, on the least! And in regards to the roads, that's interesting. And what's the explanation for the sharp/polygonal bends we see on some screenshots and videos from the 4.1? I find those things fascinating.
  8. I've noticed that the roads don't seem to be following the terrain that well, or they seem a tad bit off. Are there any plans on improving it? You know, to match the awesome terrain engine. It's ok with me, but I'm curious if there are any plans for it.
  9. Will I be able to install the maps without the 4.1 license whilst I wait for the switch on my order?
  10. Yes, yes you are enjoying this! Taking pleasure on little things in life, like making us drool for the 4.1 and me waiting for the license hahaha 😄
  11. Not gonna lie, that new particle system is awesome sauce!
  12. Yep, I agree, Which is why I want to either switch the order and pay the difference, or cancel it and place a new one. I thought pre-orders were up until the 28th haha!
  13. Just sent you an e-mail, if that is the best option, instead of switching the order and paying the difference, then yes, that will be preferable. Since I can't afford paying extra $30 for the license. I'm sorry, I don't know what my brain was thinking, or if it was thinking at the time... heh!
  14. I'll drop you an e-mail to see if I can switch to the lincese version and pay the remaining. I'll do so in an hour.
  15. I think I may have done a booboo... reading Ssnake replies from a couple of the pages on the beginning of this thread, it seems I may not have bought the one with the license. I just bought the one that had $27.50 as it's price an hour or so ago. Sometimes I amaze myself with my stupidity.
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