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  1. The elite Armor units of Alfa company, was responsible for the majority of the destruction on this day.

    Not to take away anything from a well executed defense from blue, but broken software killed more then anything. Let's play again in a version where things die or in some way react when you shoot it and see how that turns out ;)

  2. Arma2 is released. Only place to buy it online at this point seems to here: http://arma2.nexway.com/ (Good dl speed and no problems with install or activation, for me)

    Boxed copys seems to be sold out pretty much everywhere. Will be released on steam june 30

  3. What if you built and put in models of those vehicles before any kind of deal? With the skill and experience generated over the years of introducing vehicles for SB Pro, eSim could model these vehicles with a degree of accuracy that would satisfy your selfs, PE customers and perhaps also potential customers as PR for the sim?

    Wouldn't having the models already in the sim before any potential deal ensure the on living of a PE version, along with good PR towards potential new customers?

  4. There is no function in game designed to do exactly that for you. But you could however do it by giving all the blue AI controled units radio damage at the start, and then make a route for them. That way the blue AI unit locations will only be updated at the start of the scenario, and their new location will only be updated once a human controled unit spots them. It's not exactly what you are looking for if i understod you correctly, but it's pretty close and it should achieve the same things more or less.

    Just keep in mind that radio damage fixes itself every 5 or so minutes, so you need to repeat the damage for the duration of the scenario.

  5. Actually, it seems like the older NVidia drivers provide the cure (at least for Vista 64). Hopefully, one day, the new ones too.

    The latest driver, released like may 6'th, improved SB in general for me (x280). It also improved for users with older cards like 6600 and 6800 (cept for GH Lieste apparently). I cant say if it changed things with the smoke texture in particular tho, but it's absolutely a driver thats worth trying out.

  6. Well, atleast we figured out that Oscar has 5 alt accounts on SB.com since there is 5 votes on suspension.

    Either way, i to, want more polls.. Maybe we should start up a poll about if we want more pols, and if so we could have another poll about what the polls would be about. But first we need to make a poll about if it's ok to use polls to vote about if it's ok to use polls cuz anything else would be unfair imo.

  7. if Russia was to go all out with a major power what MBT would be on the front lines?whatever happened to the T90,95 seris tank?are they being produced in Russia?is their MBT still the T80 series?also whats on the horizon for the USA as far as MBTs go?

    Taken that this all out major war isnt going to happen over night, they would of course change industry and economy to war time production etc, and their inventory would be quite different to what we see today imho. I guess some of the ground and air prototypes they have been playing around with would be fielded along side their current units. As we know from history, Russia has an enormous industrial capacity, together with alot of sharp brains.

  8. i'm down to play OPFOR. any other Geister Wolves in?

    what time is mission start and do you use the eSim TS IP?

    Maybe this should be modeled more like a European TGIF...come as you are.

    Im up for it Hack. It just have to be scheduled, in a time that fit's EU/US timezone. If we could also make it fit EU, US and Australian TZ i know that Panzer have been talking about getting back into SB as well.

    Any chance we could come up with a time that fits all involved?

    PS. I'd like to get Vacuero in to, but hes still having problems with SB and his router. And it just wouldent be fair vs the generals if Vac came back :P

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