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  1. Version 1.0


    Blue attacks 2 lightly defended objectives and set up a hasty defense for the red counter attack coming. Number of units for both sides depends on how you preform. Red has Leos and CV90's, Blue M1's, Brads & M113's.
  2. Wahrborg

    Obj Ice

    Version 1.0


    Another very basic meeting engagement. Red & Blue fight for 3 central objectives. 1 M1A1 coy & 1 M2A2 coy on blue. 1 Leo2A4 & 1 CV9035 coy on red. woodland with rolling hills.
  3. Version 1.0


    Blue is tasked to find the best avenue of approach and attack 4 objectives in a built up river valley. Red is supposed to scout out blues main body and set up a proper defense. Lot's of maneuvering and "hit 'n miss" on the great CMTC map. Blue: approx 1 M1A1 coy & 1 M2A2 coy Red: approx 2 Leo2A4 plt's, 1 CV9040B coy and AT/Support.
  4. Wahrborg


    Version 1.0


    Blue and Red fight to gain control over a stretch of road in their AOR. 3 objectives spread out east-center-west. 5 tanks and 4 IFV's per side. Quick and simple HtH.
  5. Version 1.0


    Red and Blue fights to gain control over 3 ridges dominating the roads down on Itchaka plains. Great fun if you have enough players. An old classic originally designed by Cobra for SB1, improved by Sabot Ready and improved and converted for SB Pro PE by Wahrborg Red: 2 Leo2A4 coys and 1 CV9040B coy + support units. Blue: 2 M1A1 coys and 1 M2A2 coy + support units. Blue:
  6. Wahrborg


    Version 1.0


    Meeting Engagement. Blue (3 M1A1 plt's & 1+ M2A2 plt's) and Red (3 Leo2A4 plt's & 1+ CV9040B plt) fight for 3 central objectives. 12x7km with rolling hills, small valleys and chunks of dense forests spread out over the map. Good for intense knife-fights around the objectives.
  7. Version 1.0


    Meeting Engagement. Blue (1 M1A1 & 1 M2A2 coy) and Red (1 Leo2A4 & 1 CV9040B coy) fight for 3 central objectives. 13x7km map, woodland with rolling hills and ridges.
  8. Version 1.0


    Blue (3 coy M1A1/M2A2/M113) are tasked to take 5 objectives. Red (2 reinforced coy's Leo2A4/CV9035) defends. 7x7km map, woodland (CMTC)
  9. Taken that this all out major war isnt going to happen over night, they would of course change industry and economy to war time production etc, and their inventory would be quite different to what we see today imho. I guess some of the ground and air prototypes they have been playing around with would be fielded along side their current units. As we know from history, Russia has an enormous industrial capacity, together with alot of sharp brains.
  10. This thread should be updated with latest nVidia cards, to give new customers a better idea of what g-cards works or not with SB. Perhaps the 8800 and x260/80 should be in yellow, have a text next to it, or something to give ppl a warning of what might occur.
  11. Im up for it Hack. It just have to be scheduled, in a time that fit's EU/US timezone. If we could also make it fit EU, US and Australian TZ i know that Panzer have been talking about getting back into SB as well. Any chance we could come up with a time that fits all involved? PS. I'd like to get Vacuero in to, but hes still having problems with SB and his router. And it just wouldent be fair vs the generals if Vac came back
  12. repetitive stress disorder - eSim programmer
  13. Ah ok, yea then i can see why it's a pain in the butt. Good review btw lol =)
  14. They release the DVD on "Webhallen" tomorrow im told
  15. I think Oddball is trying to tell you something Hack.. And im warning you, - those finns can be nasty!
  16. Get DirecX9 for Vista if you dont already have it. I've "heard" that some vista versions come with Dx10 only and wont work with Dx9 only games. Long shot, and i dont really know what im talking about, but thats what i was told when having problems with Vista, might be worth looking into.
  17. Yea. noone payed to fix those graphics, so there's no reason for eSim to fix them. Maybe if Fire Rescue decides to use this software for training purposes it might finance a fix.
  18. 3 veh plt's (4 is being tested).. Yea we use an XO
  19. Yea thats right. It's also quite obvious that the combination of new graphics cards, steel beasts and windows vista does not work good at all many times. You might take, add or change around a bit in that combination, but fact is - something is messed up. Im having the problem, and there is alot of other users on the forum that has it to from what i can read in different threads. As i understand it, eSim's take on it is that it's the drivers thats not working good with SB, new graphics cards and Vista? Is there any work done from eSim to fix this, or do we wait for new GC drivers and/or service packs for Vista to fix it?
  20. No SF on my version. Also gonna be released via steam (without SF)
  21. LOL you've been hanging out with OddBall to much
  22. Wahrborg

    Vista64 / FPS

    At this point I dont see anywhere on the forum where ppl have found a good driver for the GTX 9500 card. Irish. If SB is your main game, you should look around the forum and grab a card that ppl stated runs good with SB and Vista. I'd advice not to take a chance, since it seems to be more often that not that a card doesent work good with SB/Vista.
  23. heh i can take wing lead and we'd be known as the most un-successful constellation ever.
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