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  1. English version now available for download at DCS web site =)
  2. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 Driver Bad preformance with Pro PE Framerates drops to 8-12 in forrests or slightly built up areas, with groundclutter etc set to default. Also running Vista ultimate 64-bit
  3. Unfortunatly, my new computer made SB about un-playable as well. dense forrest and even a small ammount of buildings drops my fps to around 8-12 .. So shall we wait for Vista to adapt to SB Pro PE (lol) or whats the plan? (intel Q9550 2.83Ghz, Asus gtx 280 with driver, 4 gig ddr3, Vista ultimate 64-bit)
  4. Pretty much any game/sim these days have one or more add-ons released within a few months, that you will have to pay for to use. I can not understand why eSim should give out their updates for free. We've all known for more then 2 years that one of these days we will be charged for an update - if you havent been able to save up $25 in that time, you should prolly be out looking for a new job or get an education instead of playing putter games.
  5. Wahrborg

    Vista64 / FPS

    Do you run in full screen? Running in windowed mode will keep the fps to a minimum. I've heard about more ppl having the same problem with sb and vista 64.
  6. Antennas are atleast. Who knows about the computer and the software though
  7. Not all IED's are placed out by insurgents, and not all of the insurgents are rocket scientists, and explosives and the rest of the equipment are fairly expensive if you earn $1/day. Many of the IED's that goes off over here are non-lethal due to poor manufacturing, not enough explosive, in combination with better protected ISAF/OEF/OIF vehicles. So more armor (in combination with ECM, like on the chally in the pic) is absolutly one of many ways to go for better protection for the soldiers.
  8. Looks like a very nice map. One can tell he put some houres into that one =)
  9. Sounds like one of Tarball's scenarios. do a search for his name in the dl section and see if you have any luck.
  10. Thats just a un-shaved feminist extreme-left commie biatch who wasent voted in by anyone to anything, and that because she looks like shes been on fire and put out with a bicyckle made it her life mission to screw things up for everyone with better looks then her (about 6 bil ppl btw) , and who should thank god that we dont just negotiate unhealthily stupid ppl with battle axe's like in the good ole' days around here.
  11. All rumors about our death are greatly exaggerated. We're just sitting back, planning the next move. So NO, GW is not dead LS! Vac! great seeing you both again - let's catch up on TS some day =)
  12. Congrats to all involved in this - awesome job and a great initiative!
  13. Yea. thats n00bsnake alright..
  14. I don't believe it until i see a posted wedding pic!
  15. When yer comming over to the desert again? If so, flick me a PM and me n trekker will keep a beer cold for you when you arrive =)
  16. I think there was some legal issue or something. Ssnake would have to answer that in case you cant find more info about that with the search function. There is (was?) a guy named Lonny007 that plays SB1 still. He have a website somewhere where he post scenarios and get games going etc. Also, if you put up a post in the MP forums im sure you can find someone who would be interested in playing SB1 with you. Yes the standard 1.00 version can be patched up to whatever the latest build was. The patches are posted somewhere on this site i believe, if not, just send me a PM with your email and i'll send the patches to you.
  17. Haha i enjoyed reading that gamespot review
  18. Wahrborg

    Battle Taxi?

    FUBAR - tanks didnt show up?
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