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  1. Darn, sorry I didn't give you a heads up man. Oh well, I'm sure our paths will cross again.

    When yer comming over to the desert again? If so, flick me a PM and me n trekker will keep a beer cold for you when you arrive =)

  2. I think there was some legal issue or something. Ssnake would have to answer that in case you cant find more info about that with the search function.

    There is (was?) a guy named Lonny007 that plays SB1 still. He have a website somewhere where he post scenarios and get games going etc. Also, if you put up a post in the MP forums im sure you can find someone who would be interested in playing SB1 with you.

    Yes the standard 1.00 version can be patched up to whatever the latest build was. The patches are posted somewhere on this site i believe, if not, just send me a PM with your email and i'll send the patches to you.

  3. Rule of thumb:

    Open country - Tanks lead Inf follow

    FIWAF or FIBUA (FISH and DISH) - Inf lead and Tanks follow.

    FIBAR - Inf start and Tanks help out!

    FUBAR - tanks didnt show up? :P

  4. Can we have a big fight, and then the forum admin delete all the bad-mouthing after we tossed this effing troll out of the community like the garbage he is? pretty please? *sad puppy eyes*

  5. They'll only start moving from stationary if given fast/top move orders.

    Continuing movement is possible with slow orders, and of course movement speed is always 'slow' with no additional pace available at the higher rates..

    Ok. for me it doesn't work at all though

  6. Funny you put up this thread Shybird, cuz i just reported that no amphibious vehicles can movi in the water anymore. Obviosly there is somthing wrong at my end - or does anyone elshe having problems with vehicles being unable to move in water

  7. I never heard of it, and would be really surprised if they sent 2A5's there. I doubt they have the capasity to support an operation like that from home, if they had, i think we'd have seen them leo's early in OIF.

    Guess im eating up those word now eh :gen004:

  8. Speaking of Scandinavian armour in Afghanistan - The CV90 saw it's first action ever this weekend in N-E Afghanistan (Norwegian QRF). For the moment i have no more information then that "It was successful".

    Unfortunately, also this weekend, a Norwegian soldier was killed, and another one was severely wounded, when their Landcruiser hit an IED/Mine.

  9. Ah ha, so thats what a campaign map looks, very good stuff, I think I will need to create one like that with a multi mission scenario on it :men_ani:


    Thats the link to the last HtH ol campaign we played. It was done for SB1 by Shotmagnet and the other guys from 29'th, and it was great fun

    (There are some thoughts, brainstorming and work going on about adapting BFN rules for a new similar campaign for Pro PE)

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