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  1. not found on Mapquest > Lost, but making good time
  2. mad max > beyond the thunder dome beyond the thunder dome > we don't need another hero we don't need another hero > reminds me I'm hungry-lunch!! > Särimner
  3. Ya, so I can shoot my computer!> And all spy/ad ware manufactors! Your'e right 2B.. Wikings rock's
  4. get a haircut, hippie!>Peace, Love and Understanding
  5. good safety point> Ain't none on ice-boats..
  6. scream of fear ( ghosts )> Ghost Wolves
  7. fire for effect > Getting kids
  8. want my money back> Battlefield Vietnam
  9. SBPro PE release date > Who will ever know
  10. Tank in action > Coulors of war
  11. James Bond Russian > Vasili Saijtsev
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