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  1. Hi all, Just an update, hopefully someone else will find this useful. Spent a good amount of time this afternoon with ASID (via TS) trying to work around the issue. It seems that the licence has not deployed properly to my machine. ASID and I tested to ensure that SB was able to run on my machine (newish gaming rig) by using his licence. ASID, if you want to elaborate on the testing we did, please add it below. May be useful for others to try. The only option at this stage is to contact the team and request another licence. Big thanks to ASID for spending his Saturday evening helping me out and Gibson for making contact. Cheers, Cam
  2. Hi all, After a very long hiatus from SB, have decided to get back into it. I purchased a one month limited time licence. After installing the Codemeter software and the latest SB, im getting an error that says i need to plug in my stick. I understand I don't need to do this for just a limited time licence. When I initially attempted to activate the licence, I got an error message, but subsequently it appears that licence has been activated, yet im still getting the stick error as above. When I run CMDust I get the following : There are 1 CmContainers found CmAct-License with serial number 32767-1339982977 and firmware version 1.18. Specific CmContainer Data: CmAct-License 32767-1339982977 -------------------------------------------------------------- Firmware Version: 1.18 BKI/UKI: 0x00 / 0x01 WARNING: This CmAct-License is not active. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Cam
  3. Hi there, Just wanted to say a big thanks for the help and the great time for tonight (my time middle of saturday) multiplay. Was great fun. I have had SB Pro pretty much since it was released, and played the old SB for a few years before that. Being down here in New Zealand its not always convenient to play, but im glad i finally got round to giving it a go. Cheers to all and hope to see you again soon. Cheers Cameron (Cam.kiwi)
  4. Hi there, Thought this one was worth posting. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=0b5_1199370899&c=1#comments New trousers time etc.....
  5. Odd? We dont get exposure to this much down here in NZ. People seem to be pretty into it though. Cameron
  6. Im getting this problem too. It would be good to get it fixed (Im not thinking of myself here, but thinking of the crunchies who have to walk, they have done nothing wrong ) Cheers Cameron
  7. That is pretty cool, Did anyone else get the feeling that the radio transmissions sound a lot like the ones in IL2? Cameron
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