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  1. Hi guys The thread here http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=12900 piqued my interest - I was wondering if the community had information on the deployment of SPAA and SPSAM assets in various forces, specifically during the 1980's and at a company/battalion level. For example, according to some Orders of Battle a Soviet Tank Regiment in a Guards Tank Division in the late 80's had 4 SPAA and 4 SPSAM vehicles. Would these have been kept under regimental control, or were they parceled out to the individual battalions or companies? Also, Guards Tank Divisions also seem to have included an air defense regiment, consisting of both medium and short range SPSAMs and manpack SAMs. Would these have likewise been allocated down to regimental level depending on need, or kept in a central location, perhaps as integral air defence for the Divisional HQ and logistical train? I'm particularly interested in information on the following forces: West Germany (the thread I've mentioned above http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=12900 had great info on how the Gepard was deployed, but what about the Roland?) US Army BAOR DDR Canada China
  2. I'm pretty deadly when firing snap shots from the hip and completely manual (ie. no FCS, stabilisation, etc.), but when taking deliberate shots at static targets from my own static vehicle, I am slightly less accurate, and much less accurate with Sabot than I am with HEAT. I know its arse-backwards, but I tend to overestimate the drop of the sabot round over range and aim slightly high. With HEAT though, I must be subconciously more careful in estimating the range, because I can almost always drop a round right on top of the target. This is long range shooting only though (over 3,000 meters), as anything closer than that I think you should be getting, at worst, second round hits every engagement. After those ranges, you can cut yourself a bit of slack, because dispersion can make you miss even a perfectly sighted target when you're using full LRF, FCS, etc., let alone manual firing.
  3. I had a thought about a possibility for the future of tank sims (PLEASE tell me if something like this already exists) - - Provide a basic engine to cope with graphics, sounds, terrain modelling, physics, weather, etc. - Provide tools to make it quick and simple to plug your own content into the engine. For example, make a model of some obscure vehicle yourself, then enter in a whole ream of stats for that particular vehicle - everything from ground pressure, turret swivel rate, ballistic stats, armour stats to things like fuel consumption at rest, at full power, etc. - Provide a host for user generated content, with some developer created content also (eg. the basics, like providing stock a stock M1A1 vehicle, etc.). - Provide tool for managing and classifying units in database. - Player generates random scenario or campaign by selecting theatre, date, nationalities involved, supply level, etc. with option of modifying unit/formation listings themselves, down to the names of the units. - Player can also create pre-made scenarios and campaigns. What do you reckon? This is just a really basic concept so far, but if enough people are interested I'll flesh it out, then look at what sort of dev resources would be necessary, and maybe get something started in the community.
  4. Had a play around with this last night, and it is an awesome mod. Sure, its nothing like as realistic or as fast paced as either SB or Steel Fury, but for an old engine it is quite decent.
  5. Well, apparently it was just some issue with my home connection, because I'm able to download all of that no problem from work. Will check it out when I get home.
  6. Daskal, once I can actually get the mod, and stop PE from being stuck in fast-forward, I'd be quite interested in having an online game. Haven't played the Ostpak mod for a number of years, and even though I thought it was a great mod, the one thing that always got to me was the time of flight of projectiles was 0, which is why I stopped playing PE in general. However, from your original post I understand that projectiles have at least semi-realistic flight times now, is that correct?
  7. Still can't get through to it - the domain chollie.co.uk (and all subdomains) are returning the following error in Firefox: Connection Interrupted The document contains no data. The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection. Please try again. Is anyone else having this problem?
  8. The site appears to be down - does anyone know of another download link?
  9. I'm at work now so can't confirm whether this is the case, but last time I installed PE on a new machine earlier this year, the game seemed to play twice as quick - I don't mean the frame rate was better, I mean my tanks would drive twice as quick, fire twice as quick, etc. etc. - made it unplayable. Did anyone else run into this problem? I think it might have been a video card issue, which I'm hoping will be resolved when I install it again this afternoon, as when I tested last time I had twin 6600's, but now have twin 9500's.
  10. I'm just pissed that what would have cost me about $28AUD a few months ago will now cost me like $50AUD. Curse you, global economic crisis and the crappy aussie dollar!
  11. Oops, didn't see the "lets start with the 4x4's" bit lol
  12. I'd have to say the 76 and 105 versions of the Rooikat appeal to me, for their long range, (so I've heard) high reliability, speed, firepower and decent (for an armoured car) armour and fire control system. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rooikat Actually, I am kind of annoyed that Australia hasn't purchased them, or designed a more capable vehicle along the same lines, since the service requirements in SA are so similar to Australia - eg. very large spaces, settlements and logistical centres very few and far between, large portions of the country without natural concealment, large portions of the country without much of a transport network. To my mind, they would be much more suited to the Cav role than the ASLAV is, even if it was only for the much longer operational range. Are there any South Africans here with first hand experience of the Rooikat?
  13. Is that the Von Mellenthin that wrote Panzer Battles? (ie. the WW2 german staff officer).
  14. Thanks Guys, these will come in handy. By the way, I've never run into it yet, but is there a game-set limit to how many units can be in a scenario (rather than just having too many for your computer to handle)?
  15. I was wondering if anyone knows of repositories of authentic NATO/Warsaw Pact deployment/tactical maps from the 70's/80's in Central Europe. A good example would be the maps Warulf posted here http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showpost.php?p=158305&postcount=3 Any scale will suffice, although I'd be particularly interested in any maps with individual units being either company or battalion level, and regimental identification (ie. preferably non-generic). Basically I wanted to use these maps as a guide for relatively authentic SBProPE and WinSPMBT battles.
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