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  1. Hi all So ever Friday game when the server shuts down SB just sits there... All night if I let it. Teh only thing I can do his hit escape. but I can not click and buttons. Any idea what the problem is?
  2. Thanks DeFault. Good to see you are still playing. Downloading the latest version now. Its gonna be a long night
  3. Hi Folks. Its been a while. Just saying hi and seeing who is still around and whats going on i the community these days. Life has come around t allowing me time and resources to play SB again after too many year away. I just dug out my code stick, dusting off my headset and reprinting all my cheat sheets. Cant wait to see how rusty I am. Sound off the old guard still hanging in here. Peace. Fidel.
  4. You guys need a gunner? I need to brush up on killing real players again.
  5. serves the little poser right! Maybe teach him not to play on the train lines too.:gun:
  6. Cool, if you boy's intrested I'm sure there is something he can help with. its a very new project ( only a few thousand lines of code sofar ) with lots of room to grow. I dont think I have ready anything by Larry Niven except ringworld. And that was a long time ago. I will check out his titles, thanks.
  7. Get the audio book. much easier if someone else does the reading.:luxhello:
  8. So I have made it! I have actually achieved a life goal of mine! Took me way to long, but I have officially stopped working for other people and become an independent programmer. yay for me! haha Yesterday I started work on the first of my new projects. Yes its a game, but not the only thing I have on the books. Please check it out over at http://dysonwars.com Not much to show yet, only the dev blog with info and junk relating to the project. I will be spending all my time working to get this and my other project completed from now on. Got to pay the bills. Wish me luck. S!
  9. hi all, if I may add that if you watch the ARR, at the start, before the timer starts all three leo's where on the land in line formation facing south. As was said, this was check by a few people before we started. If you then move the time slider one notch after game start the platoon jumps to the wedge formation and faces east. This resulted in one of the Leo's dropping in to the water. I'm sure this is a known issue or bug, but I have recently come across a smiler type of bug in a game I am developing. The cause was the movement prediction algorithm missing the initial starting state message for a spatial and reverting to its last know position. Which in this case was the initial game state. If the problem is something smiler here, the server is sending the initial( or last know) platoon state to the client on game start. Thus causing the jump if the clients changes never made it to the server for some reason ( do movement state messages in the planning stage use UDP or TCP?). Perhaps the initial state of the platoon should be sent to the server and updated on all clients just prior to the game/clock starting. This would ensure all clients and the servers 'plan' are synced before any 'in game' state changes are exchanged. This would require the server to query each client for the state of owned units and building a new game state and issuing that new stat to all clients just prior to game start. In my code this adds a couple of seconds to the start up process for all clients, but prevents random movements on game start. no water to fall in to in space but a star can be just as deadly if an entire fleet decides to jump a light second down well! I'm sure the E-Sim coders have thought of this sorry, but I got geeked out there for a moment. As I dont know the code for SB and can only guess at the methods and order of process used at this stage of the game, what I said is just an educated guess. s!
  10. hi all, SO I tested this with 3.0 and for the most part it works, but the problems that do show up make it all but unplayable. Unfortunatly I'm spending all my free time writing code for another game and no longer have time to play with this. So I'm offering this up to who ever wants it. I have a lot more bush, tree and gress textures almost ready to go for this but never got the time finnish and add them. If anyone wants them and the psd used to create the latest version PM me. For whoever take this up, There are a lot of files and much work needed to get them in to the SB correctly. Anyways let me know. s!
  11. I've kind of just been hiding out lately, not had time to commit to SB. Now winter is back and I'm stuck in the house again for the next 6 months so good excuse to get back in to it. Give me a couple of weeks to freshen up on the new functions and stuff and I'll join you's for a game. s!
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