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  1. Now this is an very nice looking and realistic version of SB. Well done to the Esim team........ How good is the Marder, the SFMG, the grenade launcher, the wire..........so many things.......to quote a movie my kids watch...... "Everything is Awesome....." Thankyou....
  2. Thanks Mark for all your hard work on these missions and putting up with the play testers adding their little bits in. Great Job.
  3. Too the rest of you.... Thankyou to all those who have taken up the mantle of command but we really need a volunteer to run C Coy (I39), one for I64 and one to run G9. These are key positions and will make the planning and running easier for the mission. Even if you have never held a command position before, don't worry, it may feel overwhelming when the battle starts, but everyone will be happy to help you through the process and it will be a blast on the day. Take it from me, this is a really good mission (thanks Mark) and it would be a shame to see it not fore fill its potential due to a shortage of position holders. If any of you have read the Harvey Black novels " Red effect, Black effect and Blue effect" it has the same feel of impending engagement and chaotic defence. So if you have never given it a go........then you don't know how much fun it can be......
  4. Hey Alpha16, It might be easier for us to say that the BG commander(9) was taken out in a Arty strike and that T19 (the Senior Commander) has just taken over BG command. It might be easier to task the individual combat team commanders to develop the plan for their defence. You can still command a Tank Company and have fun, it just means that there will be one point of contact for the running on the night.
  5. Cupcake, I have sent you a PM with the suggested Mech Inf Plans Tac197
  6. Mark, Sorry for the misunderstanding, I was only trying to expedite the planning process. If I had meant to be malicious then I would have been more surreptitious in my approach. I have removed the trace and if required will stand-down from a command position.
  7. upcake/Maj Duck, I have a suggestions for the plan. Really happy to talk this one through. Image Deleted
  8. Mark, Happy to be OC B Coy for the show......I haven't got anything else planned for that morning......
  9. Hi Duke, Can you please put me done in a Mech Inf unit please.
  10. Mark, Thanks for running the first session of the year and picking a very good mission...oh and protecting your wingman. (I had my track shot off by flanking BMP2 firing AP. Rookie mistake, I was too focused on the EA.) It was a really good mission, the OPFOR scripting was good and realistic, the map being set in winter, with 2A4's in winter cam really topped off a mission set at the "not so easy" classification (thanks Duke). The team worked well together and it would be great to see some more of the SB forum crew drop in for a visit, even if it is just to say "G'day" TAC197
  11. Thanks for all the hard work, excellent missions. Well done all.
  12. I second that motion Mark.....Awesome skins Falli Image is Advance guard T80 engaging AS Recon Elements.
  13. Yes....yes....1000m is a very long way over iron sights.....but not so far through tank optics. lesson learned....:gun: Thank you, Grenny for being CO for the game, and Duke for throwing us the challenge. It was "not so easy" for the easy scenario. I think we all enjoyed the session, I know that I did.
  14. Oh yes, my friend, so true.....but in our army the soldiers are called "Diggers" for a reason. Mk1 entrenching tool becomes your best friend......:bigsmile:
  15. I know that I have mentioned this before and please I am very grateful for all the improvements that have been made to the infantry model...but... Can there be a consideration around the infantry in a location on defend, having time based levels of protection to direct and indirect fire implemented. This is to represent that a static infantry unit will improve their defence based on the length of time in location. I know that it is done in RL because I have done it, Ask any infantryman in any army, Mech, Para, light or heavy and I can assure you that the entrenching tool carried on their pack is not just for digging a latrine. They do it for real and this sim is a stickler for getting it right with the vehicles, can we try with the infantry. I understand that Concealment is dealt with at the moment, so the longer they stay still the harder they are to see, except with TI. What needs to be resolved is the Cover component. It annoys me that an infantry platoon can be wailed by a single tank using coax, when in reality it is very hard to hit a competent infantryman in a dug-in position, even if it is a shell scrap. Anyway, can it please be considered...
  16. From an infantryman: a counter penetration (c-pen) is a tasking in defence, normally in a deliberate/prepared defensive position where there has been a Mission to "Hold" or "Defend" given to the unit. At all levels, section, platoon, company and battalion, C-Pen tasking are given to elements of the unit. These tasks are normally rehearsed by day & night. For example in a company it may consist of the depth section of the depth platoon being tasked to provide C-Pen to the forward platoons. This can be lead by the CSM(company sergeant) or the XO if it involves members of the CHQ staff. Some times it can be tasked to elements of the Support or Admin companies not involved in the fight. (Normally pioneer platoon as Bn mortars and SFMG/DFSW will be tasked elsware) There have been many examples of the use of C-Pen forces being used to win a local victory which in turn changes the balance of the battle. I would highly recommend some reading on the Battle of Fire-Support Base Coral/Balmoral from the Australian involvement in the Vietnam War. In a movie sense: "We were Soldiers" has excellent examples of C-Pen forces being used in hasty defence by the Bn CO & Staff. Just adding an infantry perspective....
  17. Was this the famous, "taking command incident" with the T72's or another one?
  18. Hi Grenny, I already PM'd KT and he was OK with it prior to asking you....got to check with the CO first
  19. Arrg....this sounds like it will be a "Duke easy challenge" I think I will feel like I am a LT back in the Mech Inf course again..... "Jawohl Hauptmann Duke, ging ich in die falschen weg bei dem anschlag, und ich habe wieder versagt. Entschuldigen sie Hauptmann. " sagt Leutnant Tak (apologies for the poor translation)
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