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  1. That’s a new one , please resort to Private Messages. So it pretty much means that I need to stop posting on this thread or I look bad? Worst it gets locked, or members may get banned or classed as a troll, having been on these boards for a long time I doubt that. Perhaps you should have resorted to private messages yourself. You no worst than me. Anyway from the altitude of your post it seems you have some personal resentment or perhaps jealousy for our VU, but that isnt new from you anyway. Whatever the case im not here to discuss that that would indeed be another topic resulting in the thr
  2. Another pointless post by you. Just like your good grief statement which hardly contibuted to the thread. My first post was to highlight that we as a VU already do some form of training and gary owen sum it all up on how it is in the world of steel beast community. As we are part of the community and me being a senior member of these forums, I have every right to inform those that are unaware of our virtual unit, even if some dont like it.
  3. So you speak of debriefing huh. SB Generals have always had debriefings after our games. The question is how much time you want to invest in a good debriefing and the same goes to briefings. We had people that made mistakes in battle. Is it right for us to say, hey you got your arse kick don’t let it happen again or you be out of the VU. I don’t think so. Do people want to know their mistakes? It’s up to the individual. Some may, some may be even be offended if you start pointing errors in there playing, we all need to respect that people see strategy, and steel beast differently. Some wou
  4. SB General's virtual unit offers training for new players. We have gunnery ranges for gunners and commanders alike. Daskal has created tank table that mimics the real life range, which can be used as a test or a training platform. So far from the feedback heard it has been a great way for players to learn the basics and to highlight issues regarding their shooting. A number of players have dramatically improved their gunnery skills only after a member watch them shoot and resolving key errors.
  5. http://sbgenerals.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1523
  6. Nice to see you back with us Chance.
  7. Hey Thief, This thread has nothing to do with me and what right have you to take another post from another forum and post it here. Fidel was just saying we need new opponents as we feel that 911 just cant cope losing every match and we need new opponents. As I said in the past, I dont play BF2, so everytime you say BF2 I really have no idea what the hell you talking about. We SBG members have very good gunners and players. We dont sit in the open and get killed. We react to threats. We do what it takes to survive and win and thats what its all about in the end. Winning the battle with minim
  8. This thread was locked, why has it opened again????
  9. Actually we do accommodate 911, we take turns on which VU chooses a scenario each week and they have never been any discussion on playing with NO map updates. For the past year and an half I'm the one that have introduce No map updates to battles and the census is not many people like it.
  10. Hello Tacbat, Will discuss the matter later this evening and will let you know.
  11. Wait for a server admin, or someone that has a SA after there name to create a sub channel for you.
  12. Bienvenido español Jugadores. SB Generales gustaría jugar con su equipo en un futuro próximo. Por lo general desempeñan GMT veces. Uno de nuestros miembros de habla español es Wolffrank y se encargará de juegos con usted. Im alegra ver otra comunidad lugar y espero verlo en el campo de batalla :biggrin:
  13. Hope you enjoyed playing with us last night. :biggrin: Regards =Gen= Billy
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