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  1. That’s a new one , please resort to Private Messages. So it pretty much means that I need to stop posting on this thread or I look bad? Worst it gets locked, or members may get banned or classed as a troll, having been on these boards for a long time I doubt that. Perhaps you should have resorted to private messages yourself. You no worst than me. Anyway from the altitude of your post it seems you have some personal resentment or perhaps jealousy for our VU, but that isnt new from you anyway. Whatever the case im not here to discuss that that would indeed be another topic resulting in the thread being locked. So end of discussion with you.
  2. Another pointless post by you. Just like your good grief statement which hardly contibuted to the thread. My first post was to highlight that we as a VU already do some form of training and gary owen sum it all up on how it is in the world of steel beast community. As we are part of the community and me being a senior member of these forums, I have every right to inform those that are unaware of our virtual unit, even if some dont like it.
  3. So you speak of debriefing huh. SB Generals have always had debriefings after our games. The question is how much time you want to invest in a good debriefing and the same goes to briefings. We had people that made mistakes in battle. Is it right for us to say, hey you got your arse kick don’t let it happen again or you be out of the VU. I don’t think so. Do people want to know their mistakes? It’s up to the individual. Some may, some may be even be offended if you start pointing errors in there playing, we all need to respect that people see strategy, and steel beast differently. Some would say our tactics are gamey, some say we mimic real warfare tactics. Neither points I want to debate here but the point is Steel Beast online is basically what you want it to be. Now back to debriefing. As you will already know, after each battle we all have an inbuilt AAR system that we all can see and learn from and we are all advised to study and look at it. Who killed you? Where did the kill come from? What went wrong? Stuff like that. At one stage we used to have debriefings between the CO’s to discuss the game plans each had and what went wrong, only issue with that is the losing side would usually get pissed off and leave if they lost. This is however down to individuals I guess. Many Big Babies around. SB General's tactics and command skills developed at a cost of defeats and victories through the course of our life as a VU. Our members probably have the most games under their belts then any other VU out there. Our commanders have the experience to lead and co-ordinate successful battles with minimal loses just through our experience as a team. The only times we looked at our strategy is when things go wrong, when the scenario goes bad for us and we lose perhaps bigtime. Nevertheless for H2H battles that was seldom because we rarely lost. However we have lost games and some I personally blame myself for their bad outcomes. Battles have been lost mainly because I consider myself to be an aggressive general, and sometimes expecting the impossible. And thus resulting on heavy losses on our team. I’ve learnt the hard way that playing a more defensive strategy is a safer bet. One thing about SB Generals, you can never let the team down by getting killed, but you can let the team down when you not in the team for our battles. Every tank needs a gunner or a commander and that means you are needed and even if you are total newbie there is always room even if its moving our logistic trucks around. Our senior/core members have the experience to guide and help players if they need help. At one stage we had a teamspeak channel dedicated to training. I know from experience that getting up and running online can be a very daunting experience for some, that’s why we show a keen effort to welcome new players to online sessions and get them up to speed with the game. I see no harm in sending a new player straight into the mist of an H2H battles, that’s pretty much where I started when I first bought Steel Beasts. If you talking about us Europeans going to bed, remember games can be pretty long 2 hours plus not including briefings and setups and we talking about work next day. Do you really think we want AAR’s debriefings? AAR discussions/debriefings would take place on our forums. The ‘What went wrong’ topics. Well your examples are just bull, people have spent time and effort creating scenarios and what do you get people like you that bitch about them. One thing I can say, you will never make everyone happy/ You should appreciate what people have done for the community. Either say good comments or none. Actually, you left SB Generals for the reasons of what? You rushed to create your own VU over a year ago and how many members do you have….zero. All I see is you shagging around teamspeak looking for whoever you can play with. You always had issues Ashtray, and talking about SB Generals won’t help you resolve those.
  4. SB General's virtual unit offers training for new players. We have gunnery ranges for gunners and commanders alike. Daskal has created tank table that mimics the real life range, which can be used as a test or a training platform. So far from the feedback heard it has been a great way for players to learn the basics and to highlight issues regarding their shooting. A number of players have dramatically improved their gunnery skills only after a member watch them shoot and resolving key errors.
  5. http://sbgenerals.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1523
  6. Nice to see you back with us Chance.
  7. Hey Thief, This thread has nothing to do with me and what right have you to take another post from another forum and post it here. Fidel was just saying we need new opponents as we feel that 911 just cant cope losing every match and we need new opponents. As I said in the past, I dont play BF2, so everytime you say BF2 I really have no idea what the hell you talking about. We SBG members have very good gunners and players. We dont sit in the open and get killed. We react to threats. We do what it takes to survive and win and thats what its all about in the end. Winning the battle with minimal losses. I have always pushed for the wednesday battles to be balanced but you guys say its not realistic because those things dont happen in real life. Playing equal force with equal objectives is the best way to go. But you guys are saying its just not realistic because you always seem to be losing. So you come up with ideas of limiting visibility in battles, increasing drag on the ground, playing scanarios first time only. Changing CO's, Forcing us to use the same units and ammo's. Playing attack and defend scenario with equal force, one side with good smoke and the other none. And the biggest of them all is forcing us to play corridor shooters with no room to move other than forward and backwards in those narrow width scenarios of yours and what do we do, we still PLAY and win. Pzbtl 911 may feel that they are professional players that have good comms and follow doctrines but the results proves thats somthing just isn't right. There was an outcry in the past when you guys started to call us cheaters because we were winning. You guys couldnt believe that you were losing every game. Whys that? And the answer to that I believe is we are just plain better. Hard to swallow but it could be true. Now regarding my post on your forums. The wednesday battle how it is at the moment will remain how it is, we try and get scenario planned 2 weeks in advance so we always know what we doing on the night. You guys have time to review them because we propose them nice and early for you. You guys can see the map, discuss a plan well ahead. Simple and straightforward. But you guys not happy with that either......... since nobody allowed to see the map beforehand, its more realistic that way. Going to the realms of somthing else i.e campaigns or your suggested idea, than we need to look into another day for that. Having got married and real life issues I dont have the time to start bitching about scenarios like I used to before and what we going to play. Remember we play once a week and believe it or not, a week goes fast and we need to have a scenario on the table for each week. And who actually does that? Me and you guys . Both SBG and Pzbt911 are two strong VU's. We all enjoy the wednesday battle. Sure nobody likes losing but in the end we all Play it for fun. To have a good battle once a week. I end this post with good feelings because in the end of the day, Steel beast is a game we play it for fun, its not real life, so no worries. End Gen Billy
  8. This thread was locked, why has it opened again????
  9. Actually we do accommodate 911, we take turns on which VU chooses a scenario each week and they have never been any discussion on playing with NO map updates. For the past year and an half I'm the one that have introduce No map updates to battles and the census is not many people like it.
  10. Hello Tacbat, Will discuss the matter later this evening and will let you know.
  11. Wait for a server admin, or someone that has a SA after there name to create a sub channel for you.
  12. Bienvenido español Jugadores. SB Generales gustaría jugar con su equipo en un futuro próximo. Por lo general desempeñan GMT veces. Uno de nuestros miembros de habla español es Wolffrank y se encargará de juegos con usted. Im alegra ver otra comunidad lugar y espero verlo en el campo de batalla :biggrin:
  13. Hope you enjoyed playing with us last night. :biggrin: Regards =Gen= Billy
  14. Screenshot of some of the many players on teamspeak during the course of the night.
  15. Once again, thanks for organising and hosting a wonderful number of games for the community. :men_ani:
  16. Just come on the day and find out. Anything above 450 may be a problem and you might experience some lag.
  17. Another Brit joining the community! Welcome. SB Generals play against Pzbattalion every wednesdays. We also usually online around GMT friendly times. If you looking to play an online session, we doing a training co-op this monday @ 7pm GMT. Gives you a taste of online action. You can also get more information on SB Generals games from our forums @ www.sbgenerals.net Regards General Billy
  18. Just a screenshot of the attended 30 player battle lobby :biggrin:
  19. Hello Wrangler, Thank you for your interest in the fridays battles. SB Generals no longer play on fridays but have scheduled games on Mondays and Wednesdays,@ 7pm GMT games are usually exclusive to SB Generals members, nevertheless guest are welcomed now and then to learn more about the Virtual Unit. You can get more information from our forums @ www.sbgenerals.net We are going to have a big game in 1 hour time 8PM (GMT) with numbers around 20 Players or more , so if you are free please come along. General Billy Out.
  20. Happy New Year All from the United Kingdom :clap::clap::clap::clap:
  21. Nice vid. Looking forward to it :men_ani:
  22. SB Generals are recruiting once again, Recruitment Clip http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=fN5u6UnwhV8&fmt=18 About Us. Some of you may already know, SB Generals started off as a virtual unit a year and a half ago with just a small handful of online players that were on teamspeak. We were small back then but since then we have built up a team of dedicated hardcore players. Our number one goal is to enjoy steel beast pro as much as possible and to have fun online. We currently have over 25 members, half of them being fully active members. Spirit of Team Play, One of the great things in being in a virtual unit is that you have some form of structure in your games. Its not about winning or losing but to enjoy the team spirit of play, working as a team, supporting each other against overwhelming odds and to practice true comradeship. Joining a virtual unit will increase your gameplay within Steelbeast, it will offer you a new experience unlike single player , or playing any odd online pickup game. Our Team Structure, When we play online, we play with structure in our games. We have fixed units, and teams. We respect the chain of command, and listen to peoples ideas and views. Before battles start we like to study the scenario, make battle plans. Members will all have an opportunity to take the commander role to improve their command and control skills and to improve leadership. The planning phase of each battles are important to us as well as the AAR debriefings where we look and discuss tactical mistakes or good play. Having access to the our forums, members will know which maps they be playing and what units they be in command of before the game starts, this will help greatly with the planning phase and saves alot of time on who has what questions before a game starts. What we can offer you? SB Generals are always looking for new members to join our ranks. Whether its armour or recon units you wish to participate in, there are always positions available for you. As a new member to SB generals, you be assigned to a company and will work your way up through a chain of command. We currently have a simplified chain of command and ranking system with the idea of stars and ranks and qualifications. Your duties and the number of battles you play will have direct effect on your rank. Communications. We do not force members to use proper realistic comms, nevertheless if you wish to use them, you are more than welcomed to. We wish to combine fun and realistic gameplay and don't want to force comms rules on anyone. With the feature of commander channel on teamspeak, we are able to reduce comms to a more realistic level. When do we play? Our training/game times are on every Wednesday @ 7pm GMT with Pzbtl 911 and trainings on Mondays. Nevertheless we are usually on teamspeak most nights, so come and join us for some online battles. We do a combination of H2H and co-op Scenarios. I am also please to announce that we also have the ability to host more than 8 players on our server. Stay tuned for future events held by us in the coming weeks. SB Generals challenges and online VU battles. As a virtual unit, SB Generals play regular with Panzerbattalion 911 (German Virtual Unit) every Wednesday on a weekly basis. Turnout is very good, with total numbers reaching an high of 31 players in one single battle at one stage. Both virtual units have learnt a great deal from each other since playing with each other. I would like to thank them for hosting games with us, and letting us use their servers when we had problems with the 8 player limit in the past. Future of SB Generals. Our hope is to play with other Virtual units in the near future for some friendly matches, either in co-operation scenarios or H2H matches. An online campaign is in the works, and we hope to announce it in the near future. For more details refer to our forums. Many Thanks General Billy Links. SB Generals Homepage. www.sbgenerals.net SB Generals Introduction Movie,
  23. Thank you for hosting Pzbtl 911. Any vids on the horizon?
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