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  1. Hows the progress doing? Any updates?
  2. Like always, looking forward for the longest night of tanks. We be using the Beta Version.
  3. Alright thanks for the replies Sean and Lieste.
  4. Actually I know about using the support vehicals..... Really the question was is there an option to adjust repair times in missions. No point waiting around for 2 hours to repair somthing. Can it be done faster? Unrealistic times. Is that possible?
  5. Does anyone know if this is possible or how this is done in the mission editor. Thanks =Gen= Billy
  6. Another Brit joining the community. Hope to see you online. :biggrin:
  7. Ive seen this a number of times, the tank just flips and gets destoyed.
  8. One of the best Long Night Of Tanks so far. Well done, in organising and co-ordinating this huge event. Hats Off :men_ani:
  9. Actually Ive gotten alot of stuff from The Generals Site it helps alot for Steel Beast and in general planning http://armchairgeneral.com/index.php?cat=71 :biggrin: Regarding formations, as Sean said its really depends on what tactics get used depending on the mission, the type of terrain, force dispositions, and known predispositions of your opponent. However if you want the US tank army field manual. (Credits once again duefully given to Mr Owen) Knock yourself out http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/250/p13_fileid/474 Another ongoing discussion on formations and tactics ht
  10. I think he would rather be on our team so thats a no scotsgrey :biggrin:
  11. theBr4in, The upcoming Neutralia just looks great at the moment. Love the idea of hex's and a greater strategical view of things. It will surely bring more interest to an already great online community. I will be personally following your progress, and Daskal will be keeping us informed on the progress from your side of things. :thumbup: SB Generals =Gen= Billy
  12. www.steelbeasts.eu Panzerbattalion 911 will hopefully get u up to speed
  13. Who won this VM? Was last week your last game? Back to normal TGIF?
  14. Like everyweeked, we be hosting a fully manned vehical event tonight at 7pm GMT. All Welcome.
  15. Actually the concept and idea was produced by Gandi of (911).
  16. Fully manned Vehical Scenario. This week scenario will be provided by Chance. All welcome =Gen= Billy
  17. If we taking zero losses, that means we doing somthing right :men_ani:
  18. This week FMV scenario will be provided by Chance, This event as aways will be open for anyone to join, for some fun fully manned vehicals games. Regards =Gen= Billy
  19. Not sure if you know? You actually have a website for the German Steel Beast community, you might get some help there too. www.steelbeasts.eu :men_ani:
  20. This week scenario has been contributed by Greevil. It will focus on the use of fully manned vehicals. I hope to see new faces and veterans there. Regards =Gen= Billy
  21. Attendance for games, we have broken the record of 26 players :biggrin:
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