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  1. Thanks for making the scenario, pretty hard, but enjoyable. AAR Steel Beasts Mission Report Scenario Name: FMW_Ironshield.sce Date: 02/02/08 Start time: 19:17:49 End Time: 18:42:46 Duration: 90:00 Players: 11 Player: GeneralBilly (Blue) Player: Cutter (Blue) Player: DarkLabor (Blue) Player: Gen Duke (Blue) Player: JanTog (Blue) Player: ChanceBS (Blue) Player: Tacbat (Blue) Player: DRACUL (Blue) Player: SMITTY (Blue) Player: Greevil (Blue) Player: Trackpad (Blue) Players GeneralBilly (Blue) Score: 100% (0.0 out of 0.0) Hit percentage: 26% (4 out of 15) Average time to kill (s
  2. Simply an outstanding tribute to a really big battle. Once again, your the best Daskal. Hats off!!
  3. FMV Saturday 2nd of February. 7pm GMT This week game will be provided by Cutter. More information will come regarding the scenario type. Last week we had a total of 11 players. Lets hope we get more this week. ALL WELCOME
  4. No Map Updates, About The Scenario:- Relations between the Bluefor(Blue) and the newly formed govenment of Borduria(Red) has worsen with the installation of a new dictator. Bluefor personels and citizens have been warned to leave within 24 hours. That ultamatum has just past 5 mins ago. Special forces are ready to secure safehavens 1 and 2.(Trigger commands) by helicopter and await an Extraction team. Bluefor is to carry out a land extraction operation and proceed to 2 extraction points at Novo Sad and Urosevo and escort Bluefor personel back to base. The enemy that Bluefor is up against i
  5. Hello Grenny, We be meeting up on the steelbeasts.com teamspeak server at 7pm GMT.
  6. SB Generals will be hosting once again a fully crewed scenario night, for the community. Tonights mission will be an extraction scenario, based on my H2H scenario call Borduria Extraction. Blue force need to extract personel from two points and safely escort them back to blue base. We only have a limited amount of units to use, so team work is important. We be up against a pretty weak force, consisting of leo1's and militia, but still they be a few surprises for blue and some key decisions need to be made by the CO. After this, if there is time, we hope to play an H2H called, test of metal.
  7. Saturday 19th January 2008. 7PM GMT In two hours time will shall be hosting a scenario that will be open to the community. Once again this week focus is the use fully manned vehicals. This week scenario has been contributed by Greevil. It is convoy escort mission. I hope to see new faces and veterans there. Regards
  8. Hello all, This saturday is the second weekly event hosted by us for the community. This week scenario/mission has been provided by ChanceBS. The scenario will focus on fully crewed tanks. It will be open to all players. Forming up will be at 7pm GMT. More information on the scenario will come shortly Hope to see you all there. Thanks.
  9. Really enjoyed the scenario, playing only as gunner in a CV90 and having 3 Star (He was TC) getting disabled and awaiting the medic to patch him up before pushing into the field again was pretty cool. Great atmospher. A small AAR http://www.sbgenerals.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=796 Sim HQ http://www.simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=2416129#Post2416129
  10. Fully crewed scenario this week will be provided by Jantog. Thanks
  11. 03/01/08 SB Generals shall be hosting an weekly event every saturday at 7pm GMT. This event will be open to all the community to join. An 8 players limit will not be a problem. An AAR shall be recorded, and possible some movies made on it. The weekly event shall focus on fully crewed vehicals or platoon level scenarios. The scenarios we shall be using will be from the community or from our members. Although this will be hosted by us, we shall not enforce any rules or styles of play in those scenarios. Scenario information will be posted before the event, regarding units and mission tasks. We
  12. Excellent stuff Chance and fidel, Those new smoke and explosive effects have really made the immersive effects one step higher. Looking forward for more of your great mods.
  13. As a house rule, players wanting to leave, should pass their units off, this will prevent units falling under people control without them knowing. If people crash, and triggers are all gone, well thats a problem that e-sim needs to resolve.
  14. Greetings from SB Generals, About Us. Some of you may already know SB Generals started off as a virtual unit around 6 months ago with just a small handful of players that were on teamspeak. We were small back then but since then we have built up a team of keen dedicated players. Our number one goal is to enjoy steel beast pro as much as possible and to have fun online. We currently have over 25 members, half of them being fully active members. Spirit of Team Play, One of the great things in being in a virtual unit is that you have some form of structure in your games. Its not about winnin
  15. I wasnt expecting a lecture on what is realistic or not realistic, everyone has different views on that. Even between military guys they are always difference in opinion. But anycase, I don’t want to hijack this thread and start a discussion on realism. But thanks for the heads up about what you think is an realistic scenario. What you guys have done with an Campaign type scenario is the first I’ve seen, Warborg pointed out earlier that one took place on Steel Beast 1, which I believe was an head to head campaign. Im tempted to start one like that too Thanks for reading.
  16. Actually I have posted a PM to Irish and await his response regarding playing with you guys. Regarding SB Generals VU only wanting to win, thats not entirely correct, yes that is one of our main goals in Head-2-head scenarios, but they are many players in our VU that want to play and enjoy all aspects of SB pro and its not just about winning. It be interesting to see what I can learn by joining you guy, hell I don’t even need a unit, I be happy to be a spectator. Regards
  17. Excellent, all my time on SB pro I havent seen this. Will it possible for the SB Generals to join your online campaign this sunday as long as we are directed on what to do and if there is room? It sure be a learning experience for me I sort of love big maps. I hope our mega host Sean comes. Regards
  18. Ah ha, so thats what a campaign map looks, very good stuff, I think I will need to create one like that with a multi mission scenario on it :men_ani:
  19. There is some explanation in the manual, and I understand they are some pdf manuals. How do players use formations in SB pro especially online play?
  20. Is there any information that can easily explain tank tactics regarding formations and when to use the different types ?
  21. I really liked your site gary, learnt alot from it
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