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  1. Volcano, Sorry if this is causing you hassle - I know you have better things to do. Looking back through the thread I see that I volunteered for 'Any slot in the UK Batallion'. But it did not occur to me for a moment that I would find myself in the C.O slot. When I did, I advised Gibson that this was well above my level, (as he well knows, bearing in mind the short time I have been playing the game) thinking that he would do whatever was necessary to resolve the situation. Apologies for that assumption. I will turn up for as many events as I can and will accept any position up to and including company commander, although I would be most content with TC or Platoon Commander. But I'm sure Marko and I can sort that out between us.
  2. Oh, so the overall C.O of Blue doesn't chose his batallion commanders? If you say so. You were not 'required' to step up. (This is not the RL military, although I know from online experience with with you that you have difficulty separating the two). You volunteered. I have no idea who the 'they'' you refer to are. But perhaps 'they' can now sort out your problem for you.
  3. Expect away Colonel. When this campaign was first muted I specifically told you that I was unwilling to take a position above company commander due to my inexperience. Your response was a sarky remark about ' needing to live up to my signature block' and then appointing me batallion commander without even the courtesy of notifying me personally. So, no, I will NOT act a batallion commander in any scenario in this campaign. What you do about that is your business. UK Armour is NOT participating in this campaign as an official organisation. If Hedge or any other member of UK Armour wishes to assume the C.O role that is, of course, their personal perogative and absolutely fine by me.
  4. If you do not understand my previous post which spells out the options dependent on decisions yet to be made I can not help you.
  5. Err, it looks a bit self-propelled to me. But I'm not expert.
  6. Pincer, Now see what you've done - upset MG. Easily done though. Thanks for your offer to replace Marko if he drops or doesn't get up. Accepted. What we don't know at the moment is who the C.O and 2 i/c will be. If Hedge accepts C.O I will understudy him as 2 i/c. If Hedge drops - as he is prone to do - and I step up to C.O, I'd be grateful if you could replace me as 2 i/c. If I end up as C.O from the start I will need you as my 2 i/c, in which case Marko just won't have a deputy - there aren't enough of us. I'm sure 'It'll be alright on the night'. :diable:
  7. Please see my pm re BritFor command. If Hedge is prepared to be C.O, I will be 2 i/c. Have emailed Marko re the xo slot. If he's not available I'll try PincerDK.
  8. UK XO will probably be Marco, but I have yet to hear if he is definitely 'up' (in both senses of the word) for it.
  9. Err, I'm not talking about TS - rather specific Blue and Red sub threads in the overall mission discussion thread on this forum.
  10. Many thanks for this mission pack. Right up my street.
  11. I say, old chap - OK if I drop in to see what you Russkies are up to?
  12. Another noob question (probably). But don't worry I have lots left. :diable: In some other game I played, long ago, it was possible for the forum admin to set up password-protected sub sections where each side could discuss matters without worrying about the opposition evesdropping. Is that a possibility here? Thinks: probably, not or it would have been done. But thought it worth asking JIC.
  13. Many thanks Sean. Ideally I would like my new name to be Tjay and to keep my existing email address. But if not, Tjay and 'tonywjones@clara.co.uk' would be fine.
  14. Absolutely right, old chap. Damn bad show, eh, what?
  15. Hi Sean I have tried to register with a new name (Tjay) and a different email address, but I just get a message that SB has a policy of refusing spammers. Any suggestions as what I should do next?
  16. Might it be a good idea when updating the wiki to replace 'Current' with the date? Just to avoid any possible confusification.
  17. Would anyone like me to put this in the Wiki? Once I've double checked my facts, of course.
  18. OK. The answer to this is: Senior (e.g batallion or company ) commanders who wish to speak only with their subordinates (company or platoon) should set 'Subchannels' in their Whisper Target box. Subordinate commanders who wish to speak only to the commander one level above them (which will normally be the case) should set 'Parent Channel' in their Whisper Target box. If they select 'All Parent Channels they will be talking to ALL Channel Commanders above them all the way up to SACEUR! Thinks: 'Eisenhower is still the boss isn't he...?'
  19. So clear they were that no questions were required.
  20. Thanks Crusty. I still think the Saladin is the best looking armoured car every built. Apart from the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, of course. :biggrin:
  21. I agree. But isn't the easiest way for the Btl C.O to speak to his Company Commanders (Or company commanders to talk to their platoon commanders) to have a SOP that says his direct subordinates must be Channel Commanders. Then the Btl C.O doesn't have to worry about setting up a whisper list to the individuals filling those slots from week to week - which will almost certainly vary. Just hit the CC whisper button and you are talking to the Co C.Os. After all, in RL, you don't worry too much about the name of the person manning a certain callsign - you just call that c/s.
  22. Hmm. Trial and error on this not possible without anyone online to assist. But, I'm pretty sure that this is the case. Example: There is a batallion channel with a number of company sub-channels. The Batallion Channel is the 'Parent Channel'. (It may, of course, be a sub-channel of the Battle Group channel, but that doesn't concern us). The Batallion Commander appoints himself Channel Commander and allocates a key. Company Commanders appoint themselves Channel Commanders of their own company channels and select 'Parent Channel' (as my original post). Now, whenever the Batallion Commander hits his CC key, he will be heard only by his Company Commanders. When any Company Commander hits his CC key he will be heard only by the Batallion Commander and the other Company Commanders. But please don't take this as gospel until I've had a chance to test it. And if anyone knows better, please pipe up. Thanks
  23. Standby one, everybody. What senior commanders will want to know is how to communicate with the Channel Commanders below them as group - by using a single key. Off to do some more trial and error. brb.
  24. Anything below the third line is soft core. :biggrin:
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