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  1. Hi guys, after 11/2 years absence, I am back and have upgraded to the newest version...are there any improvements concerning asymmetrical warfare? I have browsed the forums and have seen that for example civilian cars are available. Would love to play such missions and also to have an inspiration for creating own missions. Thanks.
  2. thanks Volcano^^I just was unsure...Great news and looking forward to the new version^^.
  3. do not fully understand this: does that mean, that the new script commands are provided later as a patch (for the 2.4 upgrade)? So the AFVs will not automatically mount infantry as it is now with the Beta? Thanks.
  4. If I may go into more detail reagarding #1): #1) so, how does the AI infantry now work 'more closely' together with their APCs? I don't expect perfect behavior. Automatically load off/on is integrated in the upgrade?
  5. I have also two questions :biggrin: AI: Are there any major improvements (especially regarding infantry/ handling infrantry <->APC (load them on/off etc.) in this area? German customers: Is it planned that the known German distributor/shop also ships the update so that you haven't to deal with custom issues? (non USK ("keine Altersfreigabe")) ? Thanks!
  6. @Ssnake: will the mount/dismount infantry script command also be included? Thanks.
  7. Hi, I've bought SB PRO some months ago but haven't got in touch with it much so far due to RealLife issues... Now, I wanna try multiplayer sessions to learn from the experienced members here . Wanna work with the scenario editor also... Is there any preferenced day to play SB in CET timezone or is there anybody interested to give me some lessons:biggrin:? Don't have much experience with tank tactics and that stuff...in the past I've played more naval and aircraft sims... Although I remember the good old M1 Tank Platton days on my Amiga :cool: Thanks
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