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  1. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 8-12 may 2017

    Instead of apologizing, you should have just said, "thanks".
  2. The Off-Topic Topic Thread

    When you see "it", you'll laugh.
  3. Air to air combat NFL Style.

    Interesting. I might have to look at the Viggen add-on as it was one of my favorite looking fighters with that splinter cam scheme.
  4. For Sale

    Just in time for the holidays.
  5. Just wanted to say thank you for the card. Many thanks to the staff at eSim for all of their hard work this year and hope everyone will be able to take a break over the holidays and come back strong in 2017.
  6. Stepping away after a long time.

    Looks like the rest of us (except Volcano) have got some catching up to do then.
  7. Stepping away after a long time.

    You'll never get that TGIF CO x100 award now.
  8. Mi-8

    Cool. RogueSnake should be happy to see some additional Mi-8 skins appearing.
  9. T-55AM vs T-55AM2

    I'd like to see the later version of the T-55AM, the T-55PM.
  10. Map Request Thread

    I think there's a military training area close to there as well.
  11. Modding Font Colors?

    IIRC, it's hardcoded so it can't be changed by the end user.
  12. Skin Request (dejawolf...)

  13. How to install skins

    Some will work, and some won't. It depends on whether or not the 3D model has been updated. It would be helpful if you were to try a certain mod, to leave a comment about it's compatibility with 4.0. Then others will know in the future.
  14. TANKFEST 2016

    Good day, no rain and lots of tanks. It was interesting to see what they had in the "storage shed" awaiting restoration. Worth going.
  15. TANKFEST 2016

    Maybe we just need some eSim/SB shirts to wear around the event.