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  1. Thanks you Daskal always ready to help.
  2. Hi everybody I need know if is posible made a mixer platoons whit the new version, for example I can made a mixer of 2 leos and 3 Pizarros in the same platoon? , and if posible how I can do that?
  3. Ash the world dont move around you!!, I answer a question from chuikov.
  4. I dont have intention to leave SBGenerals Chuikov, I feel fine here. I only can help the spanish VU to enter in this circle of friends and change skins and escenarios whit them my intentions is open a division in to SBgenerals for the people that speaken spanish.:sonic:
  5. Hello guys there is a new coop for all, enjoy. Wolfrank. TANK ROBERY.zip
  6. Hola a los Españoles que tiene el SB aqui les mando 2 juegos de cooperacion para que se deleiten, primero comiencen con el que titula ESPAÑA EN AFRICA y luego LA VENGANZA ESPAÑOLA, diviertanse. Saludos. Hello Spanish , I give you 2 coop scenarios for you , first ESPAÑA EN AFRICA then LA VENGANZA ESPAÑOLA, enjoy , saluted. WOLFRANK SBGENERAL ESPAÑA EN AFRICA COOP V1.zip VENGANZA ESPAÑOLA.zip
  7. Hi guys somebody can helpme , how I can change the sky in one scenario? , I saw the diferet types of skyes but I dont know were I can change there!!. Thanks in advance. Frank.
  8. Hola desde los SB GENERALS, mi nombre es Wolfrank y soy un elemento de reconocimiento de la unidad , bienvenidos , soy Venezolano y tengo jugando ya 3 años con este magnifico simulador, en estos momentos estamos reclutando , pero si quieren podemos jugar amistosos con uds. solo publiquenlo en nuestro portal yo hablo español y algo de ingles mi correo es wolfrank6979619@hotmail.com y es el mismo del mesenger estoy a sus ordenes para servir de traductor, se nesecitan cualquier ayuda no dejen de escribir . Hello from the SB generals, my name is wolfrank and Im a recon element of the unit, welcome, Im from Venezuela and have 3 years play whit this magnific simulator, in this moments we are recluting for the VU, but if you want we can play a frendly games whit you, only request what you want play in ur portal www.sbgenerals.net, I speak spanish and some english my email is wolfrank6979619@hotmail.com is a messenger too, I stay in contac if you want some help or traslated for you, If you want help dont let write me.
  9. Were is the winners of the scenario contest 2?, today is December 3 !
  10. Hello guys is true that esim staff is working in a T-72 playlable tank version for the SB personal?
  11. Hola españoles por aqui les escribe wolfrank de la UV unidad virtual sbgenerals, si quieren pueden chatear y contactarme por el correo privado puedo inducirlos a SB rapidamente y explicarles lo que necesiten soy de Venezuela y estoy a sus ordenes.
  12. NILS may be the next time somebody buy a standr version games can have the beta version incluide in the package whit some bugs fixed:)
  13. Hi somebody can tell me when the new version of SB will be ready to the market I supoused this is the same beta but whit the bug fixed no?
  14. SSNAKE I try a lot of times and I can do nothig , I change the keys and the tank dont respond in the outside view I see the KE amunition but in the interior of the gunner I see the same amunition special. I can solve this change the key in the control panel.!!!!
  15. Hello guys I have a problem to change amunition in the CV90s, I used the keys: Insert, Del,End,Star,Pag down and up , in the Beta and I can not change the ammo in the CV90 like in the standar version I use this keys and the ammo change in the Beta that keys dont work, what I can do to fix them?? Thanks in advance.
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