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  1. Tanks a lot! :@!2: I think I witnessed this myself, but I thought I had just mixed up the files. :clin:
  2. Hi! I didn't see this one mentioned: All ground textures have started shifting when I move or delete objects. This started about a week after I started creating the map. Sometimes they move a lot sometimes just 20 meters. Editing textures does not produce this phenomenon. Steps to repeat textures shifting to the right: Open attached map in the Map Editor. Move brick wall to fix a gap in its corner. The gap is next to the viewpoint indicator in the middle of the first screenshot. Fix it as in picture #2. Go to 3D view All textures on the map have moved about 20 m or so to the east as seen in pictures #3 and #4. Theme is Pahka summer.thm, comes with 3.011 and I haven't edited it. The shifting occurs with Kouvostoliitto Summer.thm too. Height map is KurskRussia 80 km 1A.hgt. I hope this was at least somewhat helpful. I'm stuck with my scenario until this is fixed. Superbus Tanks! ProPE.zip
  3. Ditto to what Enigma said. I had voted for new graphical effects in a poll earlier this year. Though what we got may not be the latest and greatest in graphics technology, it is, however, quite sufficient to keep SB from looking too dated. I'll be happy with these effects until the next upgrade. Good job eSim Games!
  4. If I don't post one like this, one of you will anyway! :biggrin: I think I got the hang of it now. Create civvies, draw an area, Spawn Zone, Select prototype (the civvies you made), assign drain zone if you want them to walk towards some place. To hide the civvies before they are created: Options -> Spawn if... [any condition which will never be true]
  5. Thank you Volcano, I was just going to try the 2A4 and M1A2 tests.
  6. For what it is worth: I can confirm Firefox can be used to upgrade a licence. I have Firefox 24.0 with Java Platform SE7 U25 installed. Whatever it is. It takes ten seconds or so when I click the upgrade button but eventually it works.
  7. Firmware update solved my problem too, thank you! I do seem to remember I was adviced to "update firmware" but I had no idea how to do it. For other computer illiterates I attached a screenshot of the place where you can do it. Notice it does not say "update" nor "firmware" anywhere on that page! So eSim Games is not to blame - Wibu Systems' cryptic software is. And with that - I'm off to play with my new toy! :biggrin:
  8. Thank you and sorry I sounded so frustrated. SB just finished downloading, I'll just install it from there! (I did not know it was included.) + Edit: I'm sorry to say this but... still no luck. I installed CM software but the stick firmware is too old or something. Licence upgrade was successful, but when I start the game: 2013-09-21 01:38:52: Entry (100146:11091) not found - Event WB0224 (BOX VERSION TOO OLD), Request IP-Address local(IPV6) 2013-09-21 01:38:52: API Error 224 (BOX VERSION TOO OLD) occurred! 2013-09-21 01:38:53: Entry (5000173:71091) not found - Event WB0200 (ENTRY NOT FOUND), Request IP-Address local(IPV6) 2013-09-21 01:38:53: API Error 200 (ENTRY NOT FOUND) occurred!
  9. If don't have the runtime software, the activation page directs me here: 1. Generate a License Request File from your CmContainer (You can use CodeMeter Control Center). Use Firm Code 100146. How do I "use CodeMeter Control Center" without the runtime software? I can't download the CM runtime software, because "The server at www.wibu.com is taking too long to respond.". I have tried for hours now. Good thing I knew this would be just as difficult again as it has been every time. Why don't I already have the runtime thing? Because I was smart and deleted the old software, because someone said it would be a good idea. Then I went to download a new one... oops. I can't.
  10. Kind of like the new SimHQ look, but with a two column layout instead of three. It's fine though. Ooooh look there's an artile about my favourite vehicle CV90 there. Reading now.
  11. I would not recommend X65F or any non-moving joystick for tanking or flight sims. Humans need the feedback of movement. Try it before you buy.
  12. Steam -> Settings -> Interface -> Uncheck the last checkbox there. Can't help with your stability issues, because in eight years I have had 0 stability issues.
  13. Special effects which look as good as the vehicles do. Fire, smoke, muzzle flashes and the like. Tough choice, but that'd be it.
  14. Or: all those who desire accurate joystick control buy a Thrustmaster Warthog. Problem solved and eSim can concentrate on implementing missing kb shortcuts for me so I can give up mouse altogether.
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