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  1. Ok, here's the silliest question of the month... Is it possible to configure the CodeMeter program to only start when I want it to and not on start up? :confused:
  2. Here's how they should have made it: Modern Warfare 3 - The Onion News Network http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMb0ZP6hnkc ;-)
  3. Okay guys, thanks for your help! Sorry for asking the obvious...
  4. Are the extra licences available today, and if so, how much would they cost? I just upgraded to 2.6, bought a new supercomputer and has built a game lan here at home with two very strong machines...
  5. Flak

    Dongle got mad!

    Dongle and game properly updated to the latest versions! Thanks guys for all the help!
  6. This have'nt been properly reported here on the forum I belive!
  7. Flak

    Dongle got mad!

    Some progress is being done. The stick updated ok, but CM won't uninstall. I'm testing things right now...
  8. Flak

    Dongle got mad!

    Thanks for the prompt replies guys, but I reluctantly have to confess I don't understand anything about the stick or CM. :confused: Here are my start menu options: And my Tray ones: If I use the Event Viewer it says: (Showing that IP number won't be a problem, right?) If I try to Update through EventViewer / Process / Update CM Stick Firmvare it asks me for the password for my stick, which I've never even used or seen. I know I did something wrong somewhere, but I've deliberately tried to muck about as little as possible with the stick and Code Meter. As things are now I can't uninstall or upgrade the CM, but the stick itself seems ok. :confused:
  9. Flak

    Dongle got mad!

    Here's what happens when I try to uninstall the CodeMeter: I'm running an otherwise healthy XP. I suspect I can't just delete the CM folder, run some RegCleaner and reboot.
  10. GfxCxVA3XVQ The opening of the new armor museum Arsenalen, outside of Strängnäs, Sweden. On the 17th of June 2011 His Majesty, the King Carl XVI Gustaf officialy declared that the new museum, that replaces the old museum at Axvall, was opened. This is a short video report of someone elses trip there during the opening weekend. Read more about Arsenalen at http://www.plasticwarfare.se/2011/06/arsenalen-the-new-armour-museum-in-sweden/ http://www.plasticwarfare.se/2011/06/a-report-from-the-opening-of-arsenalen/ http://www.arsenalen.se/en/default.aspx
  11. Flak

    Dongle got mad!

    Hi! I bought the 25 $ upgrade, found the download page http://www.esimgames.com/Downloads.htm#Steel%20Beasts%20Pro%20PE%202.370%20Beta and slowly tried to patch the game and the stick. Now, neither SB or my stick likes me, so I was bound to get into trouble.... First the stick won't accept my new licence... (I've allowed Java to do it's tricks.) And when I try to update the stick... I understand I must get the stick to be in a better mood before I even try to patch the sim, but now I don't know what to do... If I open the CM RunTimeServer I can se my original 2.328 licence and the stick seem to be working fine. Any suggestions?
  12. Probably a repost and not too good, but the quality is great - well worth a full screen view... "The World's Greatest Main Battle Tank - Stridsvagn 122"
  13. Doh!:eek2: No use changing it now... BS means something else, right?
  14. @ Mapman: That's exactly the sort of list I was hoping for. A list of missions that I might manage if I'm lucky and keep playing them a couple of hundred times! Tnx! Hmmm... If I would like to come and look at the Army´s facilities at Kvarn? :shocked: Of course I would! Check your PM's! :drink: @ ShotMagnet: Of course my goal is the MP sessions, but there's no way I'm going to show up there when I'm this bad. It would just be annoying to everybody... As soon as I can tell the front from the back of the tank I might give it a try. - - - - - I must say I'm a bit touched by the sheer amount of replies in this thread! I've even received PM's from people who want to help me directly! It's obvious that the BS community is very friendly and there are a lot of people here who really love the sim! I can assure you all who have replied that I'm crappily enough at SB that I will try everything you've suggested here! And if there were´nt a five images maximun in the posts, there would be a lot more smilies here!
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