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  1. Thanks, Mark. No doubt that I'll be back once a few subjects get sorted. When that happens, the beer's on me!
  2. I can't make it next Wednesday (yet again) as we are running a six-day sim here right through the week. This, plus other factors, has reduced my available time for SB to virtually zero, and this situation will probably continue for the foreseeable future. So it's probably best that I follow 12A's lead as well: I'll rejoin SB and 1CAD, as and when possible, "in the fullness of time." Best Wishes to all members, and I hope to see you again.
  3. I'll try to be there, but I have a JCATS exercise this week at the Sim Centre that may interfere.
  4. Hi, Regret unable to attend as we'll be in Ottawa Wednesday/Thursday. Hope the regulars have a great time!
  5. I'll try, but it's a coin flip right now. Should have learned to say "NO" when I retired!
  6. I should be there. I'm up to here right now on a sim centre exercise at the Base, but it ends about 4:00 PM tomorrow. Should be OK!
  7. Hi, Guys, Sorry to have missed out this week. We've been hit with two heart attacks and one funeral (coming up Saturday) so far this week (fortunately not in our immediate family, but in a family of relatives). So things are in a bit of turmoil right now. Hope to get back on track in a week or so.
  8. Hi, I'm experiencing problem when playing off-line on Leopard tanks. Several seconds after occupying the gunner's seat, the graticle pattern will superimpose itself on the end of the gun barrel and completely lock up. When I then go to the observer location, I see that the gun no longer traverses an arc. An AI gunner seems to have no problem, but a human gunner (me, in this example) gets the lock up. Screenshot attached. Anyone know the solution? I'm about to reinstall the whole program as a final solution. TIA for any ideas!
  9. Well, of course. A very stylish Regiment, don't you know! That was then. Here's the last one I wore just before retiring for the second time, in 2004:
  10. I've got an appointment for 1830 hrs, so I might be a tad late. But, if so, I'll be there for most of the session. Just thought I'd drop one in from my era...!
  11. Agreed. Good group, good scenario, good results!
  12. Only for a few minutes tonight I'd like to discuss the crew commander's use of binoculars, because: - the Wiki says that the cc can access his binos by pressing the "N" key, but - I see no binocular control listing in the control menu, and - the "N" key already has several "toggle" functions in the control menu, so - what's the story?? TIA!
  13. 12A, just to cfm, what tank are we using Wednesday??
  14. I had a good time last night with the Sho't Kal/Centurion. Thanks to all who showed up. You might want to try this scenario to practice your SK gunnery. You have unlimited ammunition (Sabot and HESH), you're on high ground overlooking a wide arc out to about 1600 yards/meters, and you have a plentiful supply of T-62's, movers, who are quite willing to shoot at you. Enjoy! Tanks Shot Kal vs T-62 conc.sce
  15. Thx, Mark. I'll try this out when comes time to add files to future posts. WRT the #30, the lack of a ranging gun is unfortunate, but I'm advised that mantlets in SB can't hold, for whatever reason, more than two guns. So, no surprise, we get a main gun and a coax. Maybe future updates will allow RGs into the mix. Fortunately, the #30 is somewhat less complicated than some of the WP sights in use at the same time. As for boresighting, I'm not sure that we can adjust the graticle pattern to do the boresighting drill. Interesting if we can!
  16. And once we've dealt with the #30 sight, someone can give me a hand sorting out how to post graphics into this website. I have no idea why there are two diagrams of the #30 above, let alone why I can't seem to post anything into my signature other than text. Small stuff, really, but irking at the same time!
  17. Hi, For the practice tonight, please find attached a diagram of the #30 gunsight for your reference.
  18. Hmmm...didn't think we had smoke rounds in the loadouts: default ammunition for the SK is: 6/26 L36A1 APDS, 6/26 L35A3 HESH . Even if we had them, I'm not sure that we have the means of setting the fuse timings. Come to think of it, it would be rather nice to have the canister round as well! We didn't get as far as Semi-Indirect shoots, just discussed, so I'll limit the practices/discussions to what we have: HESH, Sabot and coax. But feel free to join in, as you've probably got a better grounding than I have. Advanced Gunnery course, perhaps?
  19. OK, no worries. As and when you take a look at the Sho't Kal in the Wiki, the gunsight graticle pattern looks complicated. The reason is that it was designed to be used with a .50 cal ranging gun, but SB does not model the ranging gun in the Sho't Kal. We can go into the full story next week. Just keep in mind that it's not as complicated as it looks. I used this sight back in the '60's with a ranging gun, but once you see how it can be used without an RG, it's not overly difficult. Really!
  20. I'm glad to do that. Any particular tank? I tend to favour the current Leopards and the Sho't Kal.
  21. Sorry, guys: my bad. I spent the entire day at the Base Sim Centre learning the new sim version we now have, then got called away this evening. I'll try for better next time!
  22. Thanks, Mark and Kitt. When in doubt, go to the experts!
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