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  1. Animal

    I lost my Doggle.

    Sorry I forgot about contacting you and time flew by, It won't happen again I'll contact you.
  2. Animal

    I lost my Doggle.

    OK thanks I'll look around. I did read that if registered I could find my license as it's for life. That's what I'm working on now.
  3. Animal

    I lost my Doggle.

    Is there an English version or page of the code Meter site. I see only the German?
  4. Animal

    I lost my Doggle.

    so the original email I had isn't in use now? Ssnake (AT) esimgames com
  5. Animal

    I lost my Doggle.

    Hi, thank you everyone. I was hooping I could purchase an Upgrade, but I also knew it was a long shot as it's been so long. I don't mind paying full again, it was just an idea. I did read all the links everyone suggested and I am more informed now. Please don't look for my emails to long as it was years ago and I would be completely surprised if anyone still have them anyway.
  6. Animal

    I lost my Doggle.

    Hi, I bought this game in 2005 and lost the dongle. I did request and paid for a replacement and never did get it. I see it's up to 4.0 now. My question is being its so long ago and old plus not having the doggle I would have to repurchase a new one? It's not upgradable? Now I see there is a year purchase option, I have to look but is that to play for one year as well? I'm going to get the trial version and how long does that last. I know do some research dummy. Basically, what other options is their for payment. The first time I did purchase the game I sent a money order in, to Neil. Is there a debit Visa option or just use the card as a visa? Thank you, Gary Bourget
  7. Thank you everyone for your help. :luxhello:
  8. OK so this is the second time I am writing this, turns out I decided to do a spell check, (Dumb O'll me) and it wanted to run Active X, well yes clears ones page and one start's from scratch again. Wahh-Hooo! OK I cant seem to download from the German web site and It won't change to English either...:mad2: So how do I get this download to update my Doggle thingie???
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