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  1. Nice work around for the transparency issue, looking good.
  2. Don't mind at all, feel free to do whatever you like
  3. Very nice! Wipped up a quick AK->Rk95 mod, should effect just finns if you put it in the same folder as the infantry textures. I can't get the transperency working on the gun no matter what sort of .dds I use, so the AK front sight is still on and the stock had to be filled in. Looks a bit strange, but not much more than modern finns with AKMs. RK95.rar
  4. Version 1.0


    Replaces the US 1990s desert camo with a more accurate 3 color DCU and woodland interceptor vest.
  5. Ryujin

    US DCU Infantry

    Changed the '90s infantry to a more accurate DCU instead of that MARPAT/no body armor thing they had going on. Since it's on the '90s infantry the bodyarmor and NVG mount is just textured on, but it's compatible with any scenarios using the '90s era troops. I don't think it's really noticeable from your AFV and not too bad up close. I can do a version for the US 2000 model if anyone wants it and also let me know if you want the .psd file, it's got a lot of stiching, wrinkles and cloth details on layers so you can insert camo underneath. It's a bit of a rush job, but it might provide a start
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if you could remove it via alpha channel so it's completely transparent.
  7. As far as I know, Chinese soldiers have been in SB pro for some time ("CN" infantry nationality for troops). While it would be nice, I don't *think* it's an indicator, I think they're just doing 3d versions of all the troop sprite nationalities. Will we see more detailed thermal modeling at some point? I.e. gun barrels, tries/tracks, and engines glowing base on use, not starting glowing? So that parked cars or unfired guns won't glow.
  8. In the quote you use I meant "they" being casualties, not the unit as a whole if that's what you thought it meant. To clarify, I don't have any first hand experience of this, I was going off reports/statistics that units that started taking serious casualties (double digit percents) would be progressively more suppressed and occupied with the wounded. If they have say 70% casualties, not only would most guys be down, the remaining would be either try to tend to casualties or cover those who were. With more casualties than remaining men, it would seem difficult for them to do anything else
  9. I think pretty much any hit would take an infantryman out of action, so I'm not sure they need a complex damage model within SB. However at the squad level perhaps they could have a "buddy aid" or "casualties" damage. It would immobilize and significantly reduce the fire output as they tend to casualties, time adding and penalty up for each additional casualty and could only be addressed when not under direct fire (as the timer would be stabilizing and evacuating casualties and quite slow). Possibly sped up by the presence of a medical M113 (but not requiring a medical vehicle to abstract some
  10. Sorry, to be more clear, I mean that players can always do things that no sane individual, in an AFV or not, would ever attempt. There really isn't a way around that without removing all control. Even the AI will often take completely suicidal AT shots where it's a squad with one RPG vs the front armor of a platoon tanks, leading to their swift demise. Or they'll pop up to shoot at some infantry in the distance with a bunch of AFVs staring at their position. If anything I'd make AI even more cautious around enemy AFVs. I'd argue they probably could use even more self preservation. I also imag
  11. To play devils advocate, by that logic there shouldn't be any tank controls either. The infantry do handle quite awkwardly at times, especially in urban environments, and it becomes near impossible to advance without taking losses for dumb reasons like PVT Johnson had to stand up and run to move 1m forward so he could see over the edge of the ditch while prone. The abstracted cover from bumpy terrain has really helped, but there's still a few issues. While direct shooting wouldn't be at the top of my infantry wish list, it would be nice to have some more options like crawling and a more intu
  12. Yeah, rolling around Terrasta fighting the Terraban and their pickup trucks is pretty smooth. Just need more features/support for COIN (not too shabby as is though). Just a few shots from various missions while playing around with that ENBseries and effects like depth of field.
  13. Thanks, I think I'll go for a counter-recon mission :cool3: .
  14. I guess this falls under this thread... apologies if this isn't the right spot. What sort of TO&E would a Centauro be in? What other vehicles would it be working with? As I understand it, we have the "reconnaissance anti-tank vehicle" version in SB pro at the moment. While I can draw some information from that description, I'm seeking a bit more info about how it is employed by the Spanish army for a plausible scenario focused around it.
  15. While I might have orginally said the lemur system, while still great, the centauro is growing on me. Makes a nice change from the ATGM only AT vehicles. Much more flexible and quite nice in shorter range ambushes, can get two aimed shots off pretty fast. Being able to actually unload the 105 and change round types is a nice feature too, espcially with a standard load of 10x each of KE, HEAT, HESH, and HE. Still trying to get used to the 105's performance and which round to use for each target. In short, yeah, it's pretty good :biggrin:
  16. I noticed what looks to be an iveco LMV with a lemur in a screenshot included in the October PC gamer, another controllable vehicle?
  17. A bit of a WIP video (horrible youtube quality) of the Danish version
  18. updating my sound mod. I recently put up my "personal" smallarms sound mod in the dl section, and I've been thinking about how to improve it as I'm new to modding SB. First question, is there a way that I could have different sounds for redfor/blufor? Second question is does anyone have any constructive criticism on the current version? atm I'm getting better stuff to work with and possibly thinking about a lower RoF version (atm its suppressive fire) and maybe US/German/Swedish/Finnish versions (not too much work as its only a few sounds each).
  19. Version 1.0


    Adds new "genaric" sounds for small arms, sonic cracks, and RPG fire.
  20. Ryujin

    Uploading mod

    I got a personal use small arms sound mod that I have no clue how to upload to SB.com :confused: vid of an older version, its been tweaked a bit since that. And while yes, its meant to sound like a high volume of fire, its been taken down a notch and thats a good number of folks firing. It Also adds sonic cracks to incoming fire
  21. Ryujin

    Sound mod help

    Well, a few tweaks have been made to the small arms fire, theres a new light AT weapon sound (Can't really hear it in this clip) and my favorite, supersonic cracks to incoming fire that'll keep you cowering in your AFV :sonic:
  22. Ryujin

    Sound mod help

    Heres what I got for small arms so far, I went for the intense feeling :biggrin: Heres a clip of a russian platoon walking into my killzone and 3 of my squads unloading on em. You can't see much of the fighting, but thats not the point of the clip. By the way, it sounds a tad bit better when the quality isn't cut down for youtube
  23. Ryujin

    Sound mod help

    thanks, I'll update when I have some stuff put together
  24. Ryujin

    Sound mod help

    Hi, I'm gonna start working on a quick sound mod for the small arms (maybe doing more after that), but I haven't worked with Steel Beasts before. How would I find/replace the nessary files? And can I do different sounds for different nationalities infantry and can I do a supersonic crack for incoming rounds instead of the current whoosh sound? Thanks, Ryujin
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