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  1. Hej Jens! I have produced several Terraindatabases of Grafenwöhr using open source GIS data and TerraTools exports..including SBPro that I would be willing to give away for free. simply send me an email: ulf.krahn@terranis.se Cheers WarUlf
  2. There is actually an F-16C in SBPro since ...hummm correct me if I am wrong...since Version 2.6 That F-16C is to best of my understanding only an placeholder for DIS/HLA connectivity using the Pro version of SBPro towards other virtual training Systems. There has been some semi-successfully tests between SBPro and other virtual training Systems not only for the F-16C but even more intresting for the Helicopters that are in SBPro.. /WarUlf
  3. Question. Will it be possible for AI controlled Units to pass under the new bridges?
  4. WarUlf


    Version 1.0


    Truppenübungsplatz Wildflecken SW Corner 50 18 54 N 9 46 50
  5. Playabel T-72M1.... I am totaly flabbergasted! Fantastic! Many Thx eSim!
  6. Version 1.0


    Darzab Valley Afganistan 50km SE of Sar-e Pol
  7. Version 1.0


    Truppenübungsplatz Münsingen Germany
  8. why bother investing the time/resources at all why? I can tell you why Because the professional users want one!
  9. Version 1.0


    Cunduct a quckly assembled defence in sector of NEUHOF to deny the OPFOR access to the road B40 and the FLIEDE valley on route to FRANKFURT/MAIN. Defend in Sector A company team is assigned a defend in sector mission to prevent forces from passing the rear boundary of the sector, retain flank contact and security, and ensure unity of effort with the battalion task force scheme of maneuver. FM 71-123/4-117
  10. Version 1.0


    Link up and Support (rescue) a small isolated airmobile unit at the Autobahn junction "Dreieck-Fulda" (B40/A7) close to the industrial area of WELKERS. A linkup is a meeting of friendly ground forces. One or both forces may be moving. The forces are normally separated by the enemy. Cavalry can participate in a linkup as part of a larger force or as one of the forces involved. Linkup can occur in the following situations: - When an advancing force reaches an objective that has been previously seized by an airborne or air assault force.....;-) - When an encircled element breaks out to rejoin friendly forces. - When converging friendly forces meet. FM 17-95 8-51
  11. Version 1.0


    Conduct counterreconnaissance East of Fulda. Destroy and or block the OPFOR recon forces probing South along the Autobahn A7. Counterreconnaissance is any operation undertaken to deny the enemy intelligence information concerning friendly units through the active attack and defeat of enemy reconnaissance and EW units. It is the sum of actions taken at all echelons to counter enemy reconnaissance and surveillance efforts throughout the depth of the AO. FM 71-123 2-53
  12. Hej Hej Helsingborg, Sweden. And yes..I do play Multiplay Se you all in the SB Teamspeakchannel
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