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  1. The Enterpad 120 works as an emulator. You can assign key strokes or macro to any of the touch "points". I lay mine out in groups, ie four points grouped in a section for ammo 1-4, group for movement, etc. There are twelve rows of ten "keys". The programming software is fairly easy to use and download to the pad. I have different graphic templates that lie under the lift up clear cover. I created the templates with Microsoft Publisher. There is an audible 'beep' when a point is touched but it can be turned off. I can plug the Enterpad into a different computer and it will work. There are 230 command lines available but I haven't used any past 120. I might try VAC (Voice Activated Commands) on SB Pro PE later this week. I works great on flightsims like LOMAC and Il-2 series.
  2. I use a Cedeq Enterpad for flight sims and other stuff. Pretty easy to program macros. I have two Enterpads and one older CH Products MFP. The MFP is nice because you can place the RF keys anywhere on the board and create your background templates. The MFP comes with 25 RF keys (1-25) and you can get the extra 25 keys (26-50). The MFP also has a Mode switch so two functions can be assigned to each key. I use Microsoft Publisher to create templates for the MFD and the Enterpad 120. Two MFP's with 75 keys would be NICE! Enterpads have 120 programmable points but are PRICY! Hmmm, I may just get two more MFD's. I also have an Anker 8000 DPI mouse coming from Amazon this week. I just started using the mouse (Logitech G5) for aiming and it seems to more accurate than the CH Fighterstick. http://cedeq.com/enterpad/en/
  3. A humble THANK YOU to Ssnake for helping me get my license and CM sticks working!:luxhello:
  4. Thanks Ssnake. I'll try to update the sticks. I assume I should be able to get up and running when the new stick gets here?
  5. Okay, checked both CmSticks. The same license for 2.xxx (32767-95515xxxx) is on both dongles. The license for 3.002 is nowhere to be seen. Just checked both sticks on CodeMeter WebAdmin. License 32767-95515xxxx is disable3d on both sticks???
  6. Okay, checked both CmSticks. The same license for 2.xxx is on both dongles. The license for 3.002 is nowhere to be seen.
  7. I think I have the problem identified. Older dongle has CmStick 1.12. Can't upgrade because I don't have a password. "CodeMeter" password doesn't work. Newer CmStick is 2.02 with the newer SB 3.002 license. I assume that I'll have to get the old license to the newer stick somehow. Older 2.xxx versions of SB run ok with the older dongle. Either that or hope 3.002 will run when the NEW CmStick arrives.
  8. Okay, I finally got the license on the dongle. Installed the game. When starting I get the "CodeMeter error: Please ensure your CM stick is securely in a USB port." Doesn't matter which USB port is used. Have rebooted and still the same error. Thanks in advance for any pointers. Bruce
  9. I bought an upgrade license ($40) and the license with a new dongle ($115) today. Had the old dongle plugged in (2.02) and download the license. Downloaded the SB3.002 files and installed. No licenses are showing up on the dongle. Hope someone can point out what I may have done wrong
  10. Are you saying I should RTFM? Thanks for the help guys. Running as Administrator did the trick. I had to take it off the task bar.
  11. Why do I get the following message when clicking the Map Editor button? "You don't have permission to access this."
  12. Sean, I will reinstall today or tomorrow and let the installation default to C: drive. I will also recreate the *.ter and *.sce files from scratch and let you know what happens. Everyone's interest and help with this is greatly appreciated. Bruce
  13. I did install to G:\Steel Beasts. Instant action on the Main Menu works as does the created mission. I made some mistakes on the routes on the mission I made but corrected them as I find problems, i.e. the T72's never moved off down the road until I had removed of the routes. Corrected to increase spacing, formation, speed etc. All of the vehicle mrf files appear to in the Actors/Veh folder. Bruce
  14. Here's the scenario Sean. It' just a small test scenario. Fulda Gap map was used and edited and saved as a new file. [ATTACH]6989[/ATTACH] Bruce Scenario.zip
  15. Sean Could you guide me through attaching the *.sce file. Bruce
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