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  1. When I think of Russia, my mind turns to WW2, and Stalingrad, Kursk and the Baltic area. T-34's, KV-1's, IS-2's.... The bravery of the common solider, and yet the heavy cost Russia has paid in all of its wars with the west. More modern, I think of the oil industry, and the huge piles of $ that is involved there. I think of the way we as Americans have handled Russia, and think that you can not meddle with Russian politics. I sense a resurgence of an arms race a little as the US and Russia vie over military contracts world wide.
  2. That new Japanese tank looks allot like a German MBT hu?
  3. I think the former Soviet block countries are most concerned about export to there former customers. I am positive anyone with a T-72 based army will be looking to upgrade to something that can be a cheaper alternative to a western MBT. I have to think now that these developing counties will want an amour force, and I am sure that Russia/ Ukraine realize this. It only makes sense. They also have to distance them selfs from the cheap copies coming out of China.
  4. Oof... That shot in the eye looks like it will sting. That the instant action map?
  5. I would say museums and the movie industry.
  6. I am sure you could order it that way.
  7. Check this out, you can buy a real live Tiger 1 brand new. http://www.hmvf.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=166&Itemid=2 Scott
  8. Awesome. Bring that thing back to life!
  9. "Heavy Metal" is about the roll on Baghdad in OIF. Very good read, I just finished it. Until reading this book I had no idea how unreliable the M1 is. Most of the time the company is at 80% do to failures. Amazing and crazy at the same time.
  10. sorry for the miss spell....
  11. I have bought a bunch of books based on this thread. Thanks for all the insight.
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