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  1. My fear was enemies already deploying stealthy uniforms !! ??
  2. I will save the "special excitement" mood for after the release....
  3. Ah...no need to be in a hurry....we're still on "Lazy Sunday" mood....
  4. Yes that's right but this is going to change and by 2020 it's going to be 24/7.
  5. Well is not always the case, think about air defense.....right now the only air defense systems are Stinger missiles, 35mm Oerlikon guns and Rapier system ( and the Rapier is for protecting mobile forces NOT cities or airports or critical points). From the late eighties, when we dismissed the old Bloodhound SAM system, Switzerland had not any replacement.... and the Military establishment keep thinking at buying new jet fighters....recently people voted against buying the "new" version of the Gripen, and many voices ( even from the military ) were critical of buying a new fighter when we don't have an efficient air defense missile system. I think that for the next 10 to 15 years the 30+ FA18 will be good enough to do air police duty.... I think it will be far more important to get a modern air defence system before looking at new fighter jets.
  6. If anybody is interested in bunkers, and specifically Swiss bunkers, here are some interesting links : A quite big fortress that re-opened as a museum recently on top of the St.Gottard pass : http://www.sasso-sangottardo.ch/ Another quite big fortress that opened as a museum in the year 2001 : http://www.crestawald.ch/ Some links about Swiss Bunkers and Fortress : http://www.festung-schweiz.ch http://www.festungsguertel.ch/ https://infoapsf1890.wordpress.com/photos/ http://www.schweizer-festungen.ch/links.htm https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liste_der_Festungen_in_der_Schweiz http://unterirdischeschweiz.ch/4519/index.html http://www.festungsmuseum.ch/ http://www.afom.ch/ http://www.festungen-zh.ch/joomla/index.php http://www.forteresse-st-maurice.ch/deutsch/fhome_d.htm http://www.profortins.com/ http://www.schwyzer-festungswerke.ch/ http://www.festung.ch/index.php?id=56 http://www.fortlitroz.ch/ Another two links about bunkers and forts of the area where I live : http://www.fortemondascia.ch/ http://www.forti.ch/de/ The defensive philosophy of Switzerland during WW2 : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Redoubt_%28Switzerland%29
  7. Yes definitely....that's the way we usually play....team coop against AI.....the main mission is "Liberation xyz" where XYZ is the name of the map..ad you have to capture towns factories army bases etc...you can set in the mission parameters the amount of enemies the level of his ability and how much agressive should be... I like Bornholm map because it is great for tanks....it is a lot like the North German Plain terrain.....flat fields separated by lines of woods....many narrow deep valleys.....it is great ! Don't know who has Arma....but who has it just have a look. I will try to capture a video more tank related and post it here..
  8. Why that ? I run that map on Arma 3 without any problem.... why on SB should be limited at 5x5 km ?
  9. Yeah, I would be happy with that one too !!
  10. I would like a LOT to have a terrain like this !
  11. About Generals Black and Von Mellenthin.... Don't know if was already posted here, but during May 1980 they were invited to a conference of tactical warfare. The purpose of that conference was to examine the German experiences in fighting the Russians on the previous two world wars and what kind of lessons the NATO could learn from that experiences. Attached is the 61 pages reports a of that meeting. I find it very interesting. Mellenthin and NATO.zip
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