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  1. M1 series, Leopard 2, and Merkava
  2. On the issue of more moderators, I'm willing to step up to the plate, and offer my experience, with dealing with people in a fair and impartial way. I've never caused issues, but this has to be a better way to handle things. So I'm here to help if you need me.
  3. I would like, to officially request for a new VU channel, to be named; US armor. This new channel, will be administered by Gopher [Pawade] and assassin. And this channel, will be open to anyone who enjoys playing steel beasts, and abide by all the rules, set forth by the steel beasts community.:luxhello:
  4. Can anyone help me properly use the infantry mortars 60-81mm accurately, especially finding the range from the site position F2?
  5. The article is very good, and had a lot of useful information. Can anyone help me properly use the infantry mortars 60-81mm accurately, especially finding the range from the site position F2?
  6. I solved the problem, after receiving error message, I tried booting the computer. Everything seems to be working fine now.
  7. Yes I have a permanent license, and no it doesn't show up in the control center any more, and when I click commit, I received an error message: file C:\User\PAWade\1-1057696.WibuCmRaU not found.
  8. Is there any reason why the code meter has failed, today? It has been working fine through the weekend. Receive the code meter error message, after having SB running this morning, the new Esim license is not present in the control center.
  9. Durning computer boot up, or durning SB mission play, I recieve a error message that is related to CM stick not being readable and stops mission. I took my computer to local tec, he restarted the CM runtime server. C:/documents and settings/admin tools/sevices/code meter runtime server and then click restart. Question: why does it turn off?, and how is the problem resolved?
  10. I having problem with my CM stick. I being dropped from SB after recieving CM stck Erro message. my question is my CM stick bad? I'm send a copy of CMDust-Result. And can't attachment the file was too large, I have reboot my computer inorder to play for some time.
  11. I'm in the process of making a star wars yoke for Sb out of common commercial parts, will decribe how it works when completed.
  12. I use a Belkin N52te game pad, and it works fine with SB Pro PE:)
  13. I would be up for this mission, date and time ESDT, I will need.
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