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  1. I'm actually very happy with the way Steelbeasts runs on my computer. [Grunting] But I was extremely angry when I first purchased Micro$oft's FSX. Much like Hitler, I cursed M$ and swore I was going back to IL2 Sturmovik. 8 frames per second on a 3.4 GHz Extreme Edition with 4Gig of Memory and the latest video card! Hitler had nothing on me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcW3hbnR2EI
  2. Panzer greift an.. This must be the Rommel text that Patton referred to when he said, "I read your book you Son of B!itch." I loved that movie. Patton's a classic.
  3. I thought the SS were Hitler's bodyguards? I can't quite picture Rommel, a tanker, giving those black-suited goons orders. Must have been a one-time temporary assignment, or some such? Speaking of Rommel, he was in the news today: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=469401&in_page_id=1770
  4. Rommel was in the Navy? ; ) Oh yeah, I purchased both RED ARMY and BEYOND BAGHDAD (non-fiction), both by Ralph Peters. The man knows what he's talking about. He's a 3-time wounded veteran in four combat tours, he's a professor of Intl Security Studies at West Point, a national security analyst for NBC, and has done consulting work for just about every U.S. intelligence service. As for Rommel's being a Prussian officer, I don't know whether Hitler really thought him a Prussian, but alas, I don't remember my source, and shame on me for not fact-checking. Of course my brethren here would be on top of things. A Swabie, eh.. "In the absence of orders, go find something and kill it." -- FM Erwin Rommel
  5. I picked up Panzer Battles last week at Half Price Bookstore for round about $6 If anyone's shopping for this book, be sure to purchase the K&K (Konecky & Konecky) version as only this one has all the maps and diagrams. Brig Gen. von Mellenthin said the problem generals had with Hitler was that he was so often right early in the war that it was almost impossible to convince him he was wrong about something later in the war. Good luck trying. Rommel was quite outspoken against NAZI leadership, so ended up growing foul of Hitler's paranoia and petty dislike of Prussian officers. Look where it got him, the choice between suicide or a sham trial and all his family being shot. During his stay in the hospital Rommel's said to have told his son in private, ""Stauffenberg botched his plans, but a front line officer would have finished Hitler off". Interestingly, Rommel is the only member of the Third Reich establishment to have a museum dedicated to his person and career (its in Herrlingen, west of Ulm).
  6. Here's one that hasn't been mentioned yet: "Alamein" by Stephen Bungay, here's an excerpt: "In 1942 the British government presciently bought up the world's annual stock of tea. This was a wise move, for tea kept the army going and was crucial for morale. Brewing it was a ritual performed three or four times a day, and nothing was allowed to interfere with it. Tankmen learned to brew tea on the move and crews of disabled tanks were observed to get out and brew up behind their vehicle in the middle of a battle." I suppose if your tank's out of commission, might as well have a nice beverage, ay? About 6 mos ago I acquired an addiction to Twinings Earl Grey tea. The stuff is addictive, more so than than tobacco. Only here in the States (especially in the South) we don't drink it hot. Sacrilege, I'm sure. Pour it over ice, add a couple packets of Splenda, and voila, the perfect cure to our summer heat index of 104 Deg F. I don't envy the Brits their perverse style of military dress, but I do appreciate their contribution to caffeine addiction. Jolly good show, Brits! So long, and thanks for all the fish, er, tea. Cheers!
  7. Thanks D'Man, I actually purchased the first 2 Michael Farmers books in paperback, will see how they go before buying the third (it didn't get as good reviews as the first two). And thanks Cobrabase, the cadence calling music brought back memories of many battalion runs at 0' dark hundred hours. Was the cadence stuff from this "Unit" show you mentioned?
  8. True, no helicopters in Battlezone, I pasted the helicopter in. But its not entirely fictional. Battlezone was a commercial release. The military training version was called "Bradley" and featured vector graphic helicopters, BMPs, as well as different sights, etc.. So those of who played Battlezone at home on your Apple ][e can say you played the first true commercial tank sim. BZ was so simple, but it was loads of fun, trying to get to advance to the next planet. I used to play it in the arcade all the time. When it came out on the Apple 2e I played it endlessly. Changed my avatar to salute Old Glory on Independence Day.
  9. I also found this two barreled beast (Tank Girl incarnate)
  10. Hmmm.. Tank girls, yes, that's what we need... Her tank, with its aerodynamic spoiler and bullseye on the side, and her sporty appearance, that's certainly a pair.. of distractions. Still, she might attract a whole new demographic for Steel Beasts, much as Danica Patrick did for IRL Racing. On the other hand, it might make a good pop-up target at the range. And she could squeal when you shot her tank, "Ooh, big boy, nice hit." http://img71.imageshack.us/img71/9194/tankgirlg2pngey3.png' alt='tankgirlg2pngey3.png'>
  11. cobrabase, I picked up all 3 of Pete Callahan's books based on your recommendation... one seller on Ebay was offering all three with combined shipping, so it was even cheaper than Amazon... Picked up The Beast on DVD for $3. Gotta grab those bargins whenever possible. Oh, I watched your Valley of the Jackal, and your other vids too. Just one thing, you give credits, but no music cred? I enjoyed the music in a couple of the vids, your viewers might like to know what they're listening to. Also, what software are you using to create those videos? One last thing, there was a great program on The Military Channel tonight, about Marines at Tank School (Fort Knox). Lots of excellent footage inside and outside the turret while 7 Abrams are at the tank range. Lots of good sound clips, if someone wanted to clip n use.
  12. Thanks, Hokie. I actually bought Thunder Run last week, but my father took it away from me when I visited this past Saturday, so will have to start it after he's finished. Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I picked up about $100 worth of used books on Amazon from your recommendations... should keep me busy all summer. Cheers!
  13. Anyone read any good tanker novels, other than the two old standards, "Team Yankee" and "The Ten Thousand" by Harold Coyle which I've read already. ? I've heard good things about Pete Callahan's trilogy Armored Corps... but haven't read any of them. A former business associate of mine who is a former M1A2 Plt Ldr and West Point grad said the classic text is Armored Warfare by James Frederick Charles Fuller. Amazon has it new for $83.95 (which is crazy). Guess I'm looking for something lighter, more entertaining, and Cheaper. BTW, watched some nice SB videos on YouTube this evening... most excellent vids by Daskal and wolfbiscuits...
  14. Koodos to Stuart666. Too bad Micro$oft can't replicate ground scenery that exactly in their flight simulator. I just ordered SB Pro PE... can't wait to try out some of these skins and scenery. Seems like one could create some excellent Fraps video... cheers all!
  15. glcanon

    The Skin Catalogue

    Thank you! And thanks as well to Fabfire and Daskal for their excellent Abrams woodland and new desert skins (respectively)... most excellent! Here's a few lengthy reviews which also show off some excellent skins: http://www.fprado.com/armorsite/steel_beasts.htm http://www.simhq.com/_land/armor_011a.html http://www.tanksim.com/review.htm --------------------------------------- Trust but Verify
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