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  1. Thanks you Iarmor, very nice find.
  2. Thank for the clarification Ssnake. I'll wait for that
  3. Ok so I updated to 4.1 from 4.023 ( Upgrade License from version 4.0 $30). For the other 2 secondary licenses...I'm assuming it's (2 X Upgrade License from version 4.0 ) also..Just want to be sure before I get it.
  4. I currently have 2 secondary licenses for SB 4.023. When I transition to 4.1 (payed upgrade) how would this affect the 2 secondary licenses of the 4.023? Would I have to pay an extra $25 USD for each again to go to 4.1?
  5. FN2000 looks like a boat.
  6. No you need to have Il-2 Sturmovik Battle of Staliingrad. Tank crew is a separate expansion that needs the latter. If you bought IL-2 via steam then you'll need to get Tank crew from there.
  7. Took some hits from a KV-1...just scratched the paint
  8. speckfire

    Syrian T-72B

    Thank you
  9. Probably they were trained on them when they were in the Iraqi army, then decided to join the "Militias" after.
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