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  1. Mission Builder

    Cheers King Tiger thats what it was
  2. Mission Builder

    Gents, Been messing with the mission builder, once i go to test all the vehicles a speed limited to about 20kph, any ideas what im not doing?
  3. Question about 1 month license

    Thank you
  4. Question about 1 month license

    Gents was wanting to get back into SB bought it years ago and since 4.0 has came out. i notice i have to pay to upgrade my license. However just saw that you can get it with a month license is this a new license or do you still have to have a codemeter stick?? was also trying to get a couple of friends involved in it. So can they just buy a 1 month license, then crack on. i'm sure this has been asked a thousand times so my appologies. Regards Lenny
  5. UK Armour News

    I will do, do you just meet up on the SB TS server?
  6. UK Armour News

    Tjay, have you got a website mate ?
  7. Beta

    hello fellas just downloaded beta and try to start and got the following error page Application requires Runtime Modules with version 3.20 or higher. Any Ideas?
  8. We love screenshots

    is that the pyro4 mod mate?
  9. beta

    I had a look at that thread but it still didnt clear it up much. i only purchased SB about a month ago and i would like to know what the differences are. Cheers dudes
  10. Lingo

    us brits use that term M kill is as your man said a mobility kill. A bit info for you we also use K Kill which means, .....well fu**ed.
  11. beta

    hello dudes just a quick question whats this beta i keep hearing about? is it an update? if it is what does it improve?
  12. Fistv

    ah thats cleared things up mate cheers. we used to have the foo in a 432 and the ack had a ferret. pretty shit eh? are they not going to try and impliment these OP vehicles in steel beasts cos the fistV does my head in.
  13. L2a5 wow

    Just thought i'd say how cool is the model of the lep 2 a5 in SB its supurb and no doubt this has been said so many times. The interior is F****n A!!
  14. Fistv

    How anoying is the FISTV you try to snurgle up to get better eyes on and every time you have to slew the sights from the 6 o clock position? Whats all that about? No doubt its a good bit of kit but i think that they could employ a similar system to us brits. we have the warrior opv which just looks like a normal warrior but can do the same as the FistV. Note its my personell opinion and i dont want to rattle any bodys cages, could they not employ a bradley as we do the warrior.
  15. still having dramas

    cheers buddy