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  1. Maybe someone could read all posts and make nice list, word or exel. Then just upload it somewhere
  2. Now i just have to find houses in it. My dartmoor is just forest and hills :c:
  3. Nice pics, what map is that ? Im making missions now, but always so hard to find good location to battle. :gun:
  4. Hi. I can't play tonight , my child is ill so its no go for sitting computer tonight i think. God bye free time..again :icon_frown: Sorry guys, RL sucks sometimes. -haukka81
  5. Lol I have about hour or maybe two if my wife is in good mood so he can look after our little girl :bangin: Nights are easier but im usually too tired then to play
  6. That would be just what we need But no hurry, i really like 3.023 for now, Best SIM ever for me, it takes all my pc time !! :luxhello: :luxhello: ( And my 4 month old Child takes rest of my free time :c:
  7. One thing that would be nice to get in patch = Now when AI marks contact in map it is very fast and accurate. Would it be too much to ask if some delay could be set , i mean it would ease of some pain for singleplay (or small coop) because now if i set map updates own units only, it comes bit hard to map all contacts my self. And if i turn updates on they give too god eye instant accurate map view So more delay to map contact updates and more time to AI to mark what they see it would be just perfect. Thanks. -haukka81
  8. VERY BIG THANK YOU :drink::drink:
  9. I can hop in too , tank please :cool3: -Haukka81
  10. Any estimate when it is ready to relase ? :tongue::tongue: Many old missions wont work like they should , "player if" trigger wont work so no reinforments arrive Just asking nice, just take your time
  11. Here is what i do: 1. only two tanks in same group when trying to go trough forest. 2. always column and slow speed as Brun says Works 90 % time but some forests may be harder than others so.. :c: There should be somekind routine in code that cheks when tank is stuck. If true then reverse and try bit diffrent spot. Now they drive back and forth against tree until end of world .. this would be quite easy to fix , trees are not wide so it would need bit more turning from AI tank and no stuck anymore against one tree , but maybe not so easy to code :c:
  12. Me and my friends have seen lots of mp desynchronization problems when in same tank. T-72M1 = ammo count shows difrent numbers for guner and tc :c: Leo 2A4 same thing :confused: Is this old bug really back ?
  13. haukka81


    It's ok until tiger shows up, after that its hilarious comedy :c: Seriously , what the hell director was thinking ? :c::c:
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