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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone ... Have fun ... enjoy but rememeber ... STAY SAFE ! vK ~
  2. Merry Christmas to EVERYONE here :smilelove-1: vK ~
  3. WooT ... They just released the Western Version of the Steel Panzer Mod which adds two new player vehicles ... the MkIII Valentine and the Russian KV-1 and new campaigns as well ! Steel Fury is the way to go without a doubt vK ~
  4. You won't be disappointed vK ~
  5. Oooooooooooooooooo ... I almost forgot ... one of the more IMPORTANT differences between the 2 is that Steel Fury come s with a Mission Editor ! And whats rerally cool is that when you are inside the tanks you can look around and see the other crewmen at their positions and you can watch the loader actully load the projectiles into the breech ... way cool ! vK ~
  6. T34vTiger is a MAINLY multiplayer sim with a VERY limilted single player style ... it is HIGHLY moddable but there s ALOT of complaints about it's playablity multiplayer wise ... the developers have got it out the door but they don't plan much else for it. It looks good though ! Steel Fury on the other hand is ALL single player right now ( HOPEFULLY ) a patch for multiplayer will be forth coming ... it is moddable as well , plays MUCH better on smaller rigs , looks as good ( at least to me ) as T34vTiger and theres PLENTY of add-ons ( MODS ) out now for it with a FALL BLAU add-on coming real
  7. I ordered my copy from here 2 days ago and it's on it's way as I type ... Check it out and good luck ! http://www.lighthouse-interactive.com/Steel-Fury vK ~
  8. I finally got all 3 parts D/L'd ... NOW ... how do you go about getting this thing installed ? Thanks vK ~
  9. von Kinderei

    Dust Mod

    Thank you so much ... I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your job I know the feeling ... we're goin' through lay-offs now where I work ... they laid off 18 last month and there will be more this month and I'll be on that list Good luck mate ! vK ~
  10. von Kinderei

    Dust Mod

    Has this been released yet ? vK ~
  11. von Kinderei

    Dust Mod

    Yes it DOES look good ... REAL GOOD !
  12. von Kinderei

    Dust Mod

    WoW :shocked: Good work as usual ChanceBS vK~
  13. The Last Boy Scout > Bruce Willis
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