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  1. I use shift regularly to guide my units. I'll give the alt modifier a shot. As for your other comment, I could understand what your saying and I've seen applications of both. I guess I'll just monitor my units specific movements closer in the future. As for walls, I guess will just manually move troops through openings when they get hung up.
  2. Hey guys, I've been playing steel beasts awhile and just bought 3.0 and I'm absolutely loving it. There's just one big question that's always bothered me and I apologize if my prior searching failed me. Is there any good way to maneuver my troops and armor around MOUT environments without too much micromanagment? Very frequently my advances into cities is completely halted by pathfinding issues with walls surrounding the cities and structures. Another major issues I'm having is with my tanks driving directly into rivers. This is less of a concern for me because it's pretty easy to avoid if you put a little thought into your movements. However it does put a damper on things when you lose an M1A2 an hour into a mission... :icon_frown: So is there anyway to make my units more aware of their environment? Thanks guys and thanks to Esims for an awesome sim!
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