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  1. I play A-10 Warthog since last November and yes "It's a great sim!", maybe this is what SB need to. I mean Module, for example SB now is DCS World + Combined Arms, so if you want to play SB with a full controllable helicopter or jets like A-10 you have to buy for.
  2. Doc

    Diablo III

    or World of Tanks. They did a great Job with the update to 8.2 .
  3. Doc

    Diablo III

    yes, I do from time to time.
  4. yep, you're right! :sonic::biggrin:
  5. Maybe you can use the Forum Runner -Reader for vBulletin Forums, the Testversion is for free and the other costs 1,59 €. But I haven't tested it, maybe someone else?
  6. It is, but only in german. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdWGrYYo-nw
  7. If you are not registered with 911 klick here >>> .AAR
  8. Wrong IP! I don't know who IP this is. This is our IP without Port.
  9. I've it since 27.12. and i did only the tutorials to understand how it works.
  10. Doc

    New menu pics

    thx, looks nice
  11. Doc


    We play all tank "games" all the time. In the wintertime we play more SBProPE. In next time we start the next round of Coop with the Sbgenerals, then we starts wednesday and/ or thursday 2100 and some rounds at the weekend.
  12. here i'am the first http://esimgames.com/purchase.htm http://esimgames.com/Downloads.htm
  13. Maybe we can restart it, i will ask him.
  14. No, problem. But it needs time till we are finished.
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