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  1. All things change and for me, time at the keyboard has become much less than previously so I am trimming down and selling off a few Items including my Pro PE copy which of course will come complete with the Codemeter stick and manual plus official CD and case. I will leave it for sale here for a week, if there are no takers then I will try it on Ebay. I paid around £60.00 for it and will take £35.00 + postage I've certainly had a good deal of fun with Pro PE but it was always as a game rather than as a serious (meaning a learning tool) bit of software, so anyone hanging back due the cost, her
  2. Sometime back I submitted a scenario called "Jam in Joe's Garage" It was a complex bit of work that failed because of the recovery vehicles ability to sort of self destruct, but I changed the .sce to make it playable via a different method, but got no feed back. I thought nothing of it at first, but then thought, I will give it another go and see if it really was a crummy effort, good grief, ten minutes into it and the end of mission message pops up! Obviously I failed to make a proper final test!! It's a wonder that someone didn't point it out in a deservedly forceful fashion! Anyway, I have
  3. The AI's ability to hurtle into the nearest river, regardless of the fact that you have routed it specifically away from such watery doom is little short of astonishing as well.
  4. Where is it in Vista? Coz I can't find mine even with a search! (Mind you, I couldn't find my a**e with an atlas either! :redface:) EDIT: Found it, in program data. Search never found it though. Bloody odd search. Typical MS.
  5. Well apart from Pro PE I also would like to run Flight Sim 10 and hopefully FS 11 when it is released, I imagine that it will have a fairly high requirement and will probably have a 64 bit option (do you think?) What I do not want to do is spend money now only to have to spend even more in the near future because I did not get the best set up for the purpose I could afford now. But, if a 32 bit version of vista would serve as well, perhaps that is the way to go?
  6. Hmm, well Ssnakes post seems to indicate that the codemeter will be ok with the 64 bit version, and I am planning on using a nVidia GeForce 9800GT 512MB PCI-E card and Omega drivers have released the new vista 64 drivers for Nvidia cards, I have always used Omega drivers for my ATI cards in the past and found them very stable. So, has anyone tried this setup an and still found it troublesome? Thanks for all replies!
  7. My current machine has died, (using an old laptop to browse net etc!) The planned new machine will be running 64 bit vista, will SP pro pe work ok with that or will I need to do something else?
  8. Or make a few notes as you test. (Lo Tech system!)
  9. Yes, as long as the rest of the force apart from the platoon is owned by the computer, nothing larger than a platoon to be player controlled.
  10. How is a platoon defined in this case, 4 vehicles (or 3) of the same type, or 4 Mixed?
  11. My mind reading skillz have dropped off lately, soz!
  12. In the mission editor, file/ Mission Text/import
  13. Feel free to download the new .sce I uploaded tonight and check out the red movements in the editor, lots of different uses of random numbers in there! (Word of warning though, if you test it and choose the red side, turn the sound down, it will drive you nutz!)
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